8 common mistakes in SEO

Website promotion, many users have already begun to relate to a separate science, and experts in SEO have become much more valued. The cost of competent optimization is quite high, so most webmasters do not bother to attract professionals, but try to figure it out on their own.

There is a lot of information for studying SEO on the Internet, however, errors are very common. In this article, we will examine 8 common mistakes in SEO, try not to allow them when promoting your own resource.

8 common mistakes in SEO

What should not be done while optimizing?

  1. Early promotion. Even before the project starts and becomes fully developed, it starts to spin, buying a lot of links, attracting traffic and so on. It is not necessary to do this, the resource must be fully ready and only after that it can be unwound.
  2. Content for search engines. A common mistake for newbies who forget that they create a site for people. To reach good positions, the maximum number of keywords is added to the articles, and because of this, the text simply becomes unreadable, and this leads to bad behavioral factors.
  3. Reference explosions. So called the situation when the site is bought a huge number of links as soon as possible. It’s one thing if 10,000 links are already installed on your resource, and you immediately buy 100 additional links, but it’s quite another if 100 links are sharply supplemented by a few more hundred.
  4. Place of keys. Besides the fact that keywords need to be set correctly so as not to lose the semantic component of the text, they must be properly distributed in the text. If you create a large text, and only one paragraph contains many keys, this equates to an error.
  5. A lot of graphics. As you know, text content must be diluted with other formats of information, but even here it is necessary to act competently. Some newbies install Flash, represent a part of the text in the graphic, and sometimes even set the captions as images. It is not necessary to do this, as search engines will not be able to determine what is written in the pictures.
  6. Same anchors. When buying links, you must make a semantic core, as well as use various forms of anchors. Otherwise, the reference mass does not look natural, and search engines can punish you for it.
  7. There is no relinking. Internal optimization is also an important element of SEO. Internal links must be installed on the pages of your site, they also need to be embedded correctly, so as not to lose the semantic component.
  8. Slow loading. If you think that slow site loading is not your problem, then you are mistaken. You load the pages of the site yourself, and if the problem is in the hosting, you yourself chose it and you always have the opportunity to change the provider. Due to slow loading, there may be problems with behavioral factors.

8 common mistakes in SEO

You are a webmaster or a novice optimizer, this information should be useful to you. Unfortunately, newcomers do not always take into account trivialities, and because of this they have to experience difficulties in advancing, which may not help, but only cause harm.

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