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This guest post was prepared by the Sphinn blogger. Ru, who specializes in translating SEO-worthy articles.

Literally the other day, February 10, a new SEO blog “DailySEOTip” opened in the bourgeoisie. Its authors were Loren Baker, who opened Search Engine Journal 5 years ago and Ann Smarty, already well-known to ProfitHunter readers. Ru. The creators declare that they will publish new SEO tips every day.
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Building back links can be quite a difficult task, because more and more important role in the complex of SEO services, and search engines are increasingly harshly discrediting link brokers. (Sphinn. Ru: This is only in Runet SAPE and its colleagues are flourishing, and hell, buying links is clearly positioned as Black Hat SEO.) In turn, building up natural links often takes a lot of time, and even sometimes can just be disappointing.
Recently, I helped my wife launch a new website on the topic of fitness On which I tested some basic theories and techniques of link building, I was extremely surprised when she received many positive responses from other resources to her proposal to put a link to her site, since her site is only 2 weeks old. Is it even possible to request strangers by e-mail and get a reciprocal link? It turns out yes, especially if your site is "link attractive" (Link Worthy)!
How can you make a website a reference magnet? Below are a few tips to help you with this.
1. External view: first impression means a lot, especially online. People who put a link to your resource will, in fact, invite their visitors, including search bots, to your site. If your site looks like something “made of what was” or can spam visitors, then the chances of a positive outcome are extremely small.
This does not mean that you need millions of expenses to promote the site. Look at our DaylySEOTip site. We make it clean and tidy. Accuracy in this case plays an important role for the site, whose primary purpose is information sharing. How well does your site look like your business?
2. Personalization. One of the reasons why my wife received such widespread support for e-mail is that her website has a lot of personal content. Her website is a blog, it contains information about the author and her photo, and her photo is present on every page. This gives the visitor a warm feeling as if he knows the author Blogging personally.
Not only does the blog form a personal relationship, but also every email sent by. Check if your e-mail has a link to your site, especially if you represent a smaller brand. A reader who clicks the link to your resource should instantly associate you with your site, because then it will be harder for you to refuse.
Not only blogs should work on personalization. Many business websites contain a photo of their management, customer service employees, or just the “Employee of the Month” section. How about posting a “Meet Our Team” page with a group photo on the website? By the way, google the query "about the company", this can generate in your mind new ideas for this page.
Who represents your website or business? A website with personalization elements will interact with the visitor not just as a website, but on level of human communication.
3. Interactivity . The possibilities of interactive communication will make your website much more attractive. Of course, for a blog, interactivity is inherent with its commenting capabilities, tagging and voting systems.
Look for an example on DailySEOTip.com. One of our goals is to organize a clear interaction with visitors through commenting that anyone who visited our blog will appreciate.For me personally, when visiting BloeMoney or TechCrunch blogs, the first criterion for evaluating an article is read reviews; most of the entries in these blogs attract hundreds comments.
The interactivity of your website will give your visitors the ability to express their opinions on the topics covered, vote or respond using other tools to attract your potential customers. ov
Anyone who could potentially put a link to your resource can also “join”, which will increase the chances of a positive response to your e-mail request for linking.
4. Presence . Of course, you can personalize your site, but can you really provide different ways to contact you? Be sure to clearly organize the “About us” page, phone numbers, addresses that match those listed in the e-mail (by the way, be sure use a full signature when sending email) - all this is one of the main pillars of the natural link buildingDespite all the obvious importance, many sites skip these important steps.
Also link to your LinkedIn or FaceBook profiles. This will demonstrate for your visitor a serious attitude towards your site, your reputation and your business as a whole.
5. Good company (your outgoing links). A potential “linker” will want to check who you are linking to, so be careful about outgoing links on your site. I would recommend contacting and putting outbound links to the quality resources of your niche - use Yahoo or Best of the web directories for this (Sphinn. Ru : in the Runet it’s obvious that it’s better to use the Yandex catalog for these purposes.
After seeing such serious outgoing links, the linker will make sure that you are serious about your site, acting for the long term.
Be very careful They are even picky, forming a backlink profile.If it consists mainly of guestbook links, article spam and free directories, it will lower your credibility not only in the eyes of the potential linker, but also in the eyes of Uncle Google. (Sphinn. Ru: Surge recently recently raged the debate about whether the authority of a resource or its position in issuing reduced “skinny” links. Personally, I think not. What do you think?)
6. Authority in social sphere . One of the most important aspects of blogging and social media is that it’s extremely simple to demonstrate who visits your site through MyBlogLog, TwitterCounter, FaceBook or Google Friend Connect widgets. These widgets greatly enhance the credibility of the site.
Look for an example on DailySEOTip. com - about each post avatar (generated by the Gravatar service - be sure to register in it). This demonstrates a visitor or potential linker who reads your site for the first time. Let's say your site is dedicated to venture capital and your MyBlogLog widget shows that Guy Kawasaki recently visited your site. It is highly appreciated by any visitor.
7. The focus of the resource is : relevance is the key. You, probably, have already noticed that I constantly hint that your site should become just a resource - a source of useful relevant information. Invite experts to blog on your site, make a terminological dictionary, publish a page of regional partners.
For example, suppose your business plans to attract the attention of targeted groups of visitors from Philadelphia. Suppose your business is a home security system. Your business is physically located in Pennsylvania, but it is mentioned only as a postal address on the contact page.
I would advise you to add to the site sections with information on security and crime in the Philadelphia region, a directory of police, firefighters and rescue phone numbers, articles on the successful use of automated home security systems. Now you have a geo-targeted and extremely relevant section for your business.
When contacting local webmasters and bloggers with a request to affix a link to your site, do not ask them to simply put a link to your resource. In no case! Suggest them to read the sections of your site!
Now we come to something that is not only linkable, but also worthy of mention in the news.
* send your press releases to local media
* send e-mails to fire prevention sites (Sphinn. Ru: very vaguely imagine the site of the fire brigade in Runet, but wait and see)
* send your news to the websites of city government agencies
* - to websites of civil communities and associations
* - to boy scouts, in churches and other local organizations
By going this way, you might get extremely valuable links from. edu and. gov - sites that otherwise would be simply impossible to do.

To summarize: the more relevant, interactive and personalized website you create, the easier it will be to increase the number of external backlinks .

Sphinn. ru: What methods, from the listed above, do you think are the most effective in RuNet? What simple but really useful methods would you add to this list?
Original article here 7 Ways to Turn Your Site into a Link Magnet

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