7 useful features of Google Chrome

When choosing a browser to visit the Internet, the majority of users stop at Google Chrome.

This is truly the best browser with a wealth of useful features, an enhanced level of security, and a user-friendly interface. But not everyone uses the functionality, because they simply do not know about it.

In this article, we’ll tell you about the 7 useful features of Google Chrome, which help to increase productivity and increase usability.

Taking this opportunity, we recommend downloading the extension from the site. It shows additional advertising on sites and money is charged for it.

7 useful features of Google Chrome

Secrets of Google Chrome

Minor tricks will definitely be useful to anyone who works on the Internet. Even if you can save a couple of seconds, it will affect productivity. Want to work more and spend less time? Here are some tips:

1. Save pages in PDF format. When you want to save not just text, but a whole page, it is better to do this in PDF format. It retains formatting and formatting.

To do this, you first need to press the Ctrl + P combination and click the "Change" button when choosing a printer:

7 useful features of Google Chrome

A new window will appear where you can choose to save to PDF file. Choose this value, click OK and instead of the "Print" button in the previous step, the "Save" button will appear:

7 useful features of Google Chrome

The download will start immediately, you just need to select the folder to save.

2. Clear memory. Working in the browser for several hours, you begin to notice that its speed is reduced. You do not need to restart the program or even the computer, just go to the task manager and clear it:

7 useful features of Google Chrome

The dispatcher is called with the Shift + Esc key combination, alternately select unnecessary tasks and complete them.

3. Delete history. After visiting some sites, I want to erase all traces. When cleaning up history, you have to select specific sites one by one, but this action can be facilitated.

To do this, you need to select the first page, hold down the Shift and tick the last page in the history, then all of them will be marked:

7 useful features of Google Chrome

If you often have to erase data from the history, read the article about the private visit to the Internet.

4. Saved passwords. It happens that you forget the password from the site or it needs to be told to someone, and it is simply recorded in the browser. It's easy to see it, go to settings, find a block with passwords and forms to set it up:

7 useful features of Google Chrome

A window will appear in which all passwords are displayed, just hover the cursor and click the " Show ":

7 useful features of Google Chrome

We strongly recommend rewriting all passwords from here to a regular piece of paper, since storing them in the browser is not safe.

5. Bookmarks bar. To not open the menu every time you need to go to a website, add it to the main bookmarks panel. Just drag from the list of bookmarks to the panel, from there it is more convenient to open them:

7 useful features of Google Chrome

If you leave empty names, only site icons will be displayed (done to save space).

6. Cached pages. When going to sites, the browser saves pages to open them faster next time. It happens, you go to the site, and it is not available. In this case, you can open the saved copy from the PC.

To do this, insert Cashe: before the site address:

7 useful features of Google Chrome

If the function does not work, go to chrome: // flags / # show-saved- copy and set Enable. A button will appear to go to the cached version of the page.

7. Notepad in the browser. A very useful feature for any notes, saving temporary information and so on. A new chrome tab can turn into a page, for this you need to specify in the address bar data: text / html,% 20. html% 20contenteditable. :

7 useful features of Google Chrome

If this function comes in handy for you, read about the notebook for the browser. There are special extensions that add an editor even easier.

Google Chrome has many functions and this is only a small part of the tools available. They are definitely useful to all users, even if you do not work in the network. Simplify use of the browser, it saves time and nerves.

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