7 types of tennis betting

Betting is actively used abroad, but there are quite a few sports betting fans in Russia.

Everyone chooses a sport, and often becomes tennis. This game takes the second place in popularity in Europe (after football) and it has a huge number of fans.

If you decide to bet money on this sport, first find out what types of tennis betting are available.

There are not so many of them, but it is the additional bets and wagers that are used by professionals. Anticipate not only the result of the game, but its course, it will also help to earn extra money.

7 types of tennis betting

There can be no drawback in tennis, but bets are accepted not only for the victory of one of the athletes.

In addition to the basic rates, there are several other options:

  1. Tie-break - you need to predict whether this outcome will be in the game. When the score is 6-6, the game continues up to 7 points or more, which is called a tiebreaker.
  2. Total sets - how many sets will athletes play in total (2 or 3).
  3. Total - the total number of wins per game is determined. For example, a bookmaker may offer to bet on the fact that there will be more or less 21. 5 (read more in detail what a total is).
  4. Set Betting - you need to know how many sets the player will need to win. For example, if you bet 2: 0, it means that the selected player will win in two sets at once.
  5. Winning in a set - the best bookmakers accept bets on who will win the first, second (and sometimes the third) set.
  6. Fora - here you need to predict how far the winning athlete will go ahead or how far the loser will fall behind. For example, if you bet on -3. 5, then the chosen tennis player must win 4 points more.
  7. Exact score - so everything is clear from the name, you need to make a bet on a certain number of points, any athlete.

Different bookmakers have different types of bets on tennis, so in one BC you can meet them, and in the other they will not.

7 types of tennis betting

The popularity of tennis bets continues to increase, because a lot comes to us from Europe. Now is the time to seriously study this sport, and you can start by getting acquainted with the pros and cons of tennis betting.

Unlike football, games are held here much more often, so you can always open bets.

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