7 Tips - How to Stay Anonymous on the Internet

Trolls, littering comments on all sites and social networks are already pretty fed up.

Novice users wonder how they manage to remain anonymous and no one can calculate them. In fact, hiding on the Internet is not that difficult and you can do it too.

How to stay anonymous on the Internet? Immediately advise you to read the article about the private visit to the Internet.

In a few simple ways, you can hide basic information about yourself that can be used to calculate you. Of course, this will not make you an anonymous user, but it will be difficult for a beginner to determine who is "at the other end of the wire."

7 Tips - How to Stay Anonymous on the Internet

Anonymous Internet is available for everyone

It’s impossible to completely hide in the Internet, since all connected computers have a MAC address, the provider can open personal ones upon the request of law enforcement agencies Connected client data and over IP are easily located .

If you want to remain anonymous on the Internet, use the following tips:

  1. Create separate profiles - this applies not only to social networks, create profiles even in the browser, so that nothing binds your fakes and real accounts.
  2. Use foreign sites - as it is much easier to search within the country. In addition, even if someone determines where you are, is unlikely to go to another country.
  3. Changing the place of connection - seriously complicates the search for anonymous users. Walk around the city, you can catch a lot of Wi-Fi points, go to the sites from them and if someone can declassify you, you will have to go around a lot of places where you used free internet.
  4. Change of IP address - available without leaving home. With the help of a special program GatherProxy Scraper, you can connect to the Internet, even from another country.
  5. Online IP change - without downloading the program, you can change the network address through special services. How to log in through another IP? The only drawback is that in online services you have to open sites in frames and, the functionality is very limited.
  6. Using VPN is an additional way to encrypt data, which can be used even through browser extensions. If you have Google Chrome, install, the free add-on will disguise you as a resident of another country.
  7. - available on the official Torproject website. org. It complicates the process of exchanging information between your computer and the Internet, which makes you virtually anonymous on the net.
7 Tips - How to Stay Anonymous on the Internet

Thanks to these methods, you complicate the search for your data and can rely on almost complete anonymity. Nevertheless, it is better to always think before you upload something to the Internet, add comments or download.

Even modern hackers come across to law enforcement agencies, what can we say about users who are trying to hide without special knowledge. Nevertheless, the presented methods of protection allow to hide from those people who are not professionals.

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