7 tips for advertisers on Yandex. Direct

There are many ways to attract customers into the business, and the Internet in this regard can significantly improve performance.

There are a lot of different services on the network to run advertisements, but the systems created by search engines are the most qualitative. Direct Yandex is already used by hundreds of thousands of businessmen and helps to develop their business.

Advertising a company, services, and products via YAN ( Yandex's advertising network ) is accompanied by many subtleties that must be taken into account in order to achieve the best results.

This article has collected 7 tips for advertisers that will help you spend your advertising budget wisely and achieve maximum conversion.

7 tips for advertisers on Yandex. Direct

Using Yandex. Direct

  1. Definition of the target audience. Before you create an ad, you need to decide who it will show. Selecting the target audience is not so difficult, and to make it convenient for you, consider the basic parameters - gender, age, region of residence and interests. Create a portrait of a potential client, then to use it in the selection of keywords.
  2. Search for matching queries. The Yandex Advertising Network allows you to specify keywords that, when entered, users will see your ad. This is a huge advantage, since it is potential customers who see the ads. It is not necessary to use the best requests, as with their use the cost of a click will be huge. To find good words and expressions, you need to conduct analytics and select less competitive keys.
  3. Attractive headlines. No advertising can do without a catchy headline that attracts attention. Your task is to come up with something really interesting, so that everyone who sees the advertisement wants to take advantage of the offer. According to statistics, the most attractive headlines are questions, headings with numbers and words-words (guaranteed, stable).
  4. Call for action. People need to explain what to do, so your ad must contain a call to action. Experienced advertising specialists know how important this is, so in their advertising you will always see something like “order”, “register”, “find out how” or “subscribe”.
  5. Several types of ads. The most common mistake newbies - is the use of a single ad template. For advertising to be effective, you need to create different types of texts, headlines and other components of the ad. In addition, due to the different advertising formats, you can follow the statistics and find the best quality options.
  6. Use minus words. A certain part of Internet users are not interested in your offers, and in order not to pay for their clicks on advertising, you can use minus words. In Yandex. Directly there is a function to add such words, among them the most popular are “download”, “free” and “torrent”, but this applies to electronic products.
  7. Minimum cost per click. Why pay for clicks if you can get them at a lower cost. Of course, in this case, the speed of the advertising company is a bit slow, but you save quite well and get the same traffic.

7 tips for advertisers on Yandex. Direct

Through the Yandex network. Direct large companies spend serious money to attract customers, but sometimes large sums do not guarantee success.

It is necessary to understand that results largely depend on the effectiveness and quality of advertising. Use the tips from this article and keep an eye on the indicators; experience in this niche is invaluable.

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