7 services for investing in startups

Financial well-being is one of the main goals in the life of every person.

Everyone wants to live comfortably, but how to achieve this? Starting a business is a good idea, but there is not always time to do it. Plus, sometimes there is not enough strength and knowledge, so it is worth considering alternatives.

How to invest in startups? New companies that need financing are suitable for profitable investments.

At one time, Google also needed investors, and now it brings huge dividends to shareholders. Just imagine what it would be like if you had time to help such a large company at the stage of its inception.

7 services for investing in startups

Is it profitable to invest in start-up projects?

How many people have so many opinions, but if you invest in a promising business, the profit will be tremendous.

Many rich people started with this, they accumulated a serious amount and allowed it to develop someone's company. When they unwound, the funds were returned in several times the volume.

There are many examples of successful investments in companies, the same Facebook has attracted huge investments in its time. Although there were unsuccessful projects, it is therefore necessary to carefully select entrepreneurs, under whose management finances are let out.

For an investor, contributions to startups are highly profitable, but they are not without risks. However, any investment methods are somehow connected with risks. Now there are various funds and companies that attract several investors at once. This allows you to start with a small amount.

Investing money in a start-up is a great solution!

By using common forces, the necessary amount is collected to implement the project. To make it easier to find investors or startups for investment, a project was created. This is a serious startup market for where many investors are registered:

7 services for investing in startups

Abroad, this method of financing business is more developed, therefore, projects for the relationship between investors and startups in several times more.

Of the most popular it is worth highlighting and. One through these systems manages to find the best options for investment, others receive financing.

Everyone knows that foreigners are more likely to launch interesting projects and ask for help from investors.

If there is at least some amount, go to overseas projects and look for suitable options. US entrepreneurs are much more likely to enter the global arena and achieve maximum success.

7 services for investing in startups

Where to invest in a Russian startup?

In Russia, they don’t invest so actively in new companies, but why? Because people do not believe in easy money and is afraid of deception, which we are all surrounded by. Indeed, when you do not know exactly what the money will be spent on, you do not want to part with them.

There are also special services in Runet, where investors and startups find each other:

  1. - crowdfunding firm in which it is proposed to invest from 100,000 rubles for a period of 30 days.
  2. is a similar project, there are plenty of offers for it too.
  3. is the most popular crowdfunding project, here there are most of all startups for investing.

All these services are created to collect money from several investors. Crowdfunding helps businessmen to collect big money and not to search for one rich person. If you are serious and would like to invest large amounts in start-ups, use special clubs:

  1. - for starting, you will need to deposit from 25 thousand dollars.
  2. - a club of investors whose capital exceeds $ 250 million.
  3. - suitable for investors with a capital of 5-10 thousand dollars.
  4. - they work a year and a half, there are several successful contributions.

Having found an interesting startup, do not rush to lay out all your savings. Sometimes it makes sense to wait for the appearance of something grand. Only when you are sure that the idea chosen by businessmen is successful, help them develop.

Afraid for your money? Then you will invest in gold. They are not so profitable, but the risks with deposits in precious metals are minimal.

Companies investing in start-ups appear more and more often. All of them are created according to the format of crowdfunding, and their analogues are presented in this article. Perhaps it is better to create your own such company and invest in its development, but this is your own business, and you will have to work on it.

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