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Have you decided to create a website to make money on the Internet? Well, this option is really profitable and you are on the right track, but have you considered all the important points regarding your project? Every action should be thought out, otherwise you can make mistakes.

The article presents 7 questions to novice webmasters, after reading them think about the answers and quite possibly, you will understand that you are doing something wrong. Beginners are often in a hurry, and haste leads to serious shortcomings, it is much easier to foresee everything in advance than to solve serious problems.

7 questions novice webmasters | Workion. ru

Questions for site creators

  1. What method of monetization will you use? The fact is that depending on the chosen method, the technique for creating a resource may be different. For example, deciding to sell affiliate products, it is better to create a site with reviews. If you create an MFA website (What are MFA websites?), The main focus should be on promoting pages for product requests. Providing your own services will require a different development strategy.
  2. What target audience will the site have? You must clearly understand which groups of people will visit your resource. There are cases when a resource is created on a specific topic, but it is intended for different target audiences. For example, talking about some online store, you need to compile information for a specific purpose, to attract customers or look for other webmasters for the referral network.
  3. Where will visitors appear from? There may be several sources of traffic, and search engines are far from the only option. You can attract visitors from social networks, by distributing links, buying advertising, using free sites and much more. Define sources in advance to focus on them in the future.
  4. By what requests will the site be promoted? Highlight popular queries to promote the site is necessary. The more you occupy a leading position, the higher the level of attendance will be, and this affects the promotion. In the article How to get to the leading positions of the issue, we talked about the free creation of the semantic core and increasing the relevance of the pages, be sure to use this information.
  5. How serious is the competition in your niche? It is simply impossible to promote a resource due to high competition. Not in all areas you can compete with large services, some of them have already proven themselves and have great authority. Maybe you shouldn’t “chase” them, but just choose another niche?
  6. How can I embroider the subject of the resource? If you are creating a blog, this is one of the most important issues. When you decide on the subject and start writing texts, you will definitely have a problem of lack of ideality. In this case, it will be necessary to expand the subject and think about it beforehand, because there may not be any options.
  7. By what plan will you act? Planning of activities is the most important moment in any field. You must have goals, a budget, a rough business plan, and a plan for the development of your resource. Start developing each site with a plan.

7 questions novice webmasters | Workion. ru

When you decide to become a webmaster, be careful and ignore the training. A specialist from any field requires knowledge in order to competently carry out his work.

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