6 tips on creating a funnel site

How do internet entrepreneurs provide sales? To do this, they are doing a major job in developing a special site called a funnel. The principle of this site is simple, it attracts traffic, some of which turns into real buyers.

It is necessary to create a funnel taking into account certain rules, otherwise the percentage of converted traffic will be too low. In this article we will present you 6 tips for creating a funnel site, with their help you will be able to develop a quality resource for visitors from which you can turn into customers.

6 tips on creating a funnel site

Developing a funnel site

Before presenting the tips, I would like to remind you that you need to start by defining your target audience. In other words, you will need to identify the group of people in which the most potential customers are interested in your offers.

  1. Easy form. Do not use complex words and scientific terms, become a "good friend" for potential clients and express yourself so that they understand everything clearly. Disclose problem solving and explain the benefits, it will help to arrange them to the implementation of the transaction.
  2. Simple design. It’s better not to use any Flash design chips here, because this is not a designer’s portfolio - this is a site where every visitor should understand how profitable it is to become your client and how much he needs your product (service). Make an extremely simple interface so that it does not become a reason for leaving the resource.
  3. Do not hide. Open your face for visitors to the site, place your photos and do not try to hide. Practice shows that this effectively affects trust and visitors to such resources are more inclined to fulfill the transaction.
  4. Representation of warranties. One of the frequent problems for which users refuse offers on the Internet is not confidence in quality. To solve this problem is not easy, as the skepticism of Internet users is quite voluminous. Nevertheless, provide guarantees, install reviews and strongly confirm their stability and quality.
  5. Free gifts. Learn to give people something, and then you will start receiving something from them in return. On the site-funnel you can place a huge number of offers, download an e-book, video courses, programs and much more. The most important thing is not to forget that when you transfer these gifts, you need to get the contact details of the recipient.
  6. Popup. Many people think that pop-up windows scare visitors away, but statistics show that after installing such banners, the number of subscribers increases much faster. Make sure that the pop-up window with the subscription does not appear immediately, but after some time.

6 tips on creating a funnel site

The path to creating professional funnel sites is difficult , but if you read this article, then at least you took the first step. Continue reading articles on Workion. ru and you will learn a lot of useful things about how to conduct business on the Internet.

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