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Every person uses the Internet for his own purposes. Online games, communication, entertainment, bargains and so on.

There are more advanced users who run their projects. No, we are not talking about search engines, social networks or some services, without a high level of knowledge, you can start a blog.

This article presents 6 reasons to create a blog. We publish them so that each of our readers will understand how good this option is for spending free time, and perhaps something more.

Even one of the reasons may force you to take the first step and start developing the site.

6 reasons to create a blog | Workion. ru

Why create a blog?

Don't think that creating a blog is so difficult, you can use free designers or CMS. For a couple of hours it’s quite realistic to make a simple platform, it takes much more time to fill the site .

You will have to write a lot of articles to transform your platform, but you will not regret it.

  1. A blog is a great hobby. After creating the site, you won’t waste time updating the news feed in social networks or playing games. You will have your own resource that requires attention.

    On it, you can express your thoughts, share something interesting, expand interesting discussions, and so on. If you manage to gather people with similar interests on your resource, it will bring you pleasure.

  2. You will have new friends. In the field of blogging, many users communicate closely, share experiences, share secrets, and so on. In addition, new (including useful) dating you will make regular visitors to the site. A social circle often comes in handy in life, and through your own blog you can find useful people.
  3. An advertising space will appear. A blog is a regular website filled with articles. People also come to it, they are looking for something, they are reading something. If you ever need an advertisement, you can easily add it to your resource.

    Now you have to pay big money for online advertising, and you get it for free. The most important thing is to decide in advance what to advertise, because for this you need to choose a theme (why advertise car parts in a blog about cosmetics).

  4. You can develop. Constant writing of articles will help you delve into the chosen niche. For example, if you start a blog about cars, then when writing texts you definitely have to look for information on the Internet.

    Constant research and study of articles will help develop, and retelling of materials (writing articles) will consolidate knowledge.

  5. Advanced Skills. The Internet is booming, therefore, any skills in this area will be useful. When you follow a blog, you will learn a lot, learn what CPA, PPC, CTR and CPM are, start to understand conversions, online advertising, internet marketing, website promotion, and so on. Even if you do not make your resource mega popular, such knowledge will be useful to you in life.
  6. Earnings on the blog. We could not miss this point, because most of the blogs created for profit. After launching your own website, you need to work hard and tell everyone about your blog in order to collect more traffic. The more visitors, the more money you can get from advertising, sold links, affiliate programs and other methods of monetization.
6 reasons to create a blog | Workion. ru

If you are wondering how much you can earn on a blog, see my income statement.

Blogs are already being conducted by engineers, psychologists, nurses, electricians, and even schoolchildren. Many realized that this is a great way to spend time, which can also be turned into a stable income. Find out how to start creating a blog and take the first step today.

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