6 best mini games online for money

Most of the games in which you can make bets with real money are complex and you have to understand them for a long time. If you are tired of it, and you want to relax, use the mini-games.

The usual checkers, card fool, dominoes and many other games with simple rules are available to you on the Internet.

Mini-games for money are used by a huge audience and some not only derive pleasure from it, but also win decent money. Having decided to spend free time in mini-games, first of all you need to think about where to play for money, because there are a lot of scammers in the network and you need to be attentive.

6 best mini games online for money

In this article we will look at several popular services where you can play simple cash games:

1. .
The most popular game project working since 2005. Mini-games with a withdrawal of money are unique here, and after registering, beginners are given a small amount so that they can play without investing anything (catch the bonus at the bottom of the site).

The choice is wide, and the integrity of the game is confirmed by the use of MD5 technology.

6 best mini games online for money

2. .
There are more games on this site and there are not only simple mini games. For example, you can play billiards, chess or poker. In addition, there are several exciting slot machines. Here, too, constantly held tournaments between players. Last Sunday there was a domino tournament with a prize fund of $ 20 .

6 best mini games online for money

3. .
Outwardly, the project resembles Igrun, especially in the way of receiving a bonus (you need to catch the button at the bottom of the site). After passing the simplest registration, you can immediately start the game. The choice here is not so big, but everyone will find something to their liking. There is a fool, heads and tails, thimbles, lotteries and other interesting games.

6 best mini games online for money

4. .
Compared to previous projects, this one is much simpler and only 4 mini games for money are offered here. Like on Igrun, MD5 technology is used here, so the games are fair. They are held between real users, and most importantly, do not have to wait long for an opponent.

6 best mini games online for money

If you want to play for real money without investing anything, you can use Wmmail. On this site, simple tasks such as register or write comments are available, and real money is paid for them.

There are 2 mini-games on this site ( stone-scissors-paper and duel ), you can play them, or you can withdraw money and use the services described above.

Some people consider online cash games not the best entertainment, but thousands of people get their share of excitement every day and enjoy it. In all the systems we have talked about you can play for 1-2 rubles, the amounts are small, but believe me, there is enough drive.

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