5bucks. ru: Freelance Exchange with payment of $ 5 (300 rubles)

Earnings on the Internet today is becoming very popular. There are a lot of ways to make money, but many people face this problem: what can you do to make money on the Internet?

The answer to this question can be a very interesting online resource "five bucks (

)", which is a special site for freelancers, which appeared not so long ago, but due to its uniqueness and originality, very popular.

This site is very simple, but it’s an ingenious idea, which has never been seen in runet. In the global web there is a similar American resource called Fiverr.

The idea is that all work and all tasks cost $ 5 or 300 rubles , the performer himself visits the site and puts out his proposal.

For example, creating a logo, writing a text, and so on, all offers cost 300 rubles. There is a lot of work topic, everyone can find their niche. However, work on such sites has a number of features that every novice freelancer who wants to make money on the site 5bucks should know.

5bucks. ru: Freelance Exchange with payment of $ 5 (300 rubles)

Why should 5bucks like the site?

As mentioned above, the creators of this service borrowed the idea from the American project Fiverr:. Of course, you can decide to work with this site, but for this Russian freelancer needs to know English very well, and this is at least.

Ideally, you need to know well, speak and read in several languages, besides, this site has been working for a long time and has several million users who are potential competitors. As for the site of five bucks, then the most important plus is that all customers know Russian.

With regard to competition, the site began to function not long ago, respectively, during this time not many people managed to register, so not many people can compete.

However, the attractiveness of this project is limited not only by Russification and the absence of a large number of registered users, the main advantages of the service are:

  1. Five bucks has the lowest commission out of all similar resources. It is unpleasant when a part of the money earned goes into the system as a tax. For example, the same American Fiverr after the execution of the order withholds 20% of the order amount, since all orders cost $ 5, then the contractor receives only $ 4, which is not very pleasant. Here, the commission is only 10% of the order value, that is, after the execution, the performer receives 270 rubles to his account. It would seem that the difference is 30 rubles, but if you fulfill 1000 orders for "5 bucks" you can save 30 000 rubles , this difference is already felt;
  2. Also an important advantage on the site is money withdrawal . If you take Fiverr, then there are only two options: PayPal e-wallet or bank card. When withdrawing, the system holds more than 2% of the amount, that is, again takes the hard-earned money. In 5bucks, the percentage of withdrawal is only 0.8%, this percentage is not so much noticeable. By the time of withdrawal, "5bucks" is also more profitable, since the amount is transferred within two days, which is very fast for such exchanges, sometimes you have to wait several weeks. You can learn more about the freelance payment system here:;
  3. The system is currently spinning off quite well and every day more and more customers come to it, who choose artists who offer orders.

5bucks. ru: Freelance Exchange with payment of $ 5 (300 rubles)

Why do customers live well in 5bucks?

In addition to the benefits for the performers, there is a benefit for customers, which is that:

  1. The price of orders is fixed and relatively low;
  2. There is no need to post your task;

Here, the purchase plan for the service is very simple : you need to choose an artist, if necessary, write a comment, pay for the service and wait for it to be delivered on time, everything is very simple.

5bucks. ru: Freelance Exchange with payment of $ 5 (300 rubles)

How can you earn large amounts?

  1. First you need to learn the most popular freelancing services, determine the best skills, on which you can earn. However, it should be understood that since these services are the most popular, then the number of people performing them is very large, so you need to set yourself up for a tough fight;
  2. Also, the offer for 300 rubles will be very successful, which supposedly should cost a lot expensive.At the same time, a large number of customers will review the order and some of them will choose such an artist;
  3. However, it should be understood that the service for 300 rubles needs to be spent no more than half an hour of your time, of course, at first it can take more time, but you need set yourself up so that you spend about 20-30 minutes, then such work will be profitable and you can earn from three thousand rubles for 5-6 hours;
  4. No negative feedback should be allowed, because every customer when choosing an artist pays attention to this. Therefore, you need to be polite and patient, do your job efficiently and on time;
  5. You can also offer additional services and thereby increase the cost of the order, because the site benefits those users, the more the user earns, the more, respectively, will earn the site.

Thus, the Internet resource "5bucks" is a very profitable project for Russian freelancers due to its novelty. Getting started with the service is very easy, just go through the registration procedure and post your suggestions. At first it will be difficult, but over time, the number of orders will grow every day.

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