5 ways to make money on streams in Twitch

New earnings on the Internet are quickly gaining popularity. More recently, no one knew what a stream was and had no idea that the Twitch project would appear.

Today on this site several thousand broadcasts are launched by different people. And many do it professionally, getting big money.

How to make money in Twitch streams? The topic is current, among gamers it is gaining momentum at the speed of light. Now to realize the dream, play and earn at the same time, it has become available for everyone. But not everyone knows exactly how to earn income from their stream.

5 ways to make money on streams in Twitch

5 ways to make money on streams

Before you learn how to make money on Twitch, you need to figure out how to become a streamer. See how broadcasts are launched, what software is needed, and listen to useful tips.

Initially do not think about money, you need to unwind and outrun competitors, and when the target audience is won and regular viewers appear, you can use one of these methods:

  1. Affiliate program. Allows you to include an ad unit in the broadcast, at least every 5 minutes. Payment is carried out for 1000 views ($ 3. 5).

    How much can you earn on a stream in this way? Let's calculate. Suppose you have 1000 viewers for 6 hours online. By running ads every 15 minutes, you collect 24,000 views.

    Some of them are thrown back, as many use ad blockers. There are 15,000 ad views left, this brings in $ 52 . Not bad money, but in order for a button to show ads appear, you need to meet the requirements:

  • on average, 500 viewers must be connected to your broadcasts (not a single indicator, but an average stable);
  • broadcasts must be launched regularly, at least 3 times a week;
  • content that meets all the requirements of the rules.

This method has disadvantages. First, many viewers are straining advertising blocks. Secondly, many people use ad blockers, so their views are not counted. On the other hand, no problems, include advertising and make a profit.

  1. Paid Subscriptions. If you connect to the affiliate program Twitch, then in parallel you will be able to earn on subscriptions. Viewers have the opportunity to pay for subscriptions to certain channels. It costs such a pleasure $ 5 of which half is charged to a streamer.

    What are the money paid for? For getting unique avatars, new smiles (you add them yourself) and the lack of advertising. Payment is made monthly, but most do not use it, because the functions are too few.

    According to statistics, only the most popular channels are people willing to subscribe for a fee. Little-known streamers do not receive much from subscriptions.

  1. Direct advertisers. They begin to appeal when the streamer achieves serious popularity. There are proposals to put a screensaver, tell viewers about some product, promote the project, and so on.

    Proposals sometimes have to wait too long, so it makes sense to create topics on the forums and offer your channel as an advertising platform.

  1. Donat. In Russia, only a few are willing to give money to express gratitude to a streamer. But overseas viewers are generous, this method brings a good profit. During the broadcast, anyone can send an arbitrary amount to the author:
    5 ways to make money on streams in Twitch

    The notorious “Karina Streamer” raised good money in Twitch, it was literally flooded with donate. This is a good example of the fact that donat is still possible in Russia. Let him not as profitable as abroad.

  1. Affiliate Programs. You can become yourself an advertiser, receiving rewards for attracting customers.

    There are a lot of options, for example, you can advertise headphones or your computer, inviting people to buy the exact same product on. This online store has an affiliate program (), pay for 8. 5% of each purchase.

    Of course, it is desirable to involve your viewers in the affiliate programs of games. Now it is fashionable to make money on mobile applications. Use offers from the aggregator:

    5 ways to make money on streams in Twitch

    Pay for each installation, sometimes payments are made as a percentage of the money spent in the application. A huge variety of options, through earn money by selling fashion accessories. Look for what will hook your audience, and place your affiliate link in twitch.

Speaking about how to make money on streams, many authors also mention the records of streams. The option is interesting, but this is a completely different topic.

The point is to record a video and then add it to YouTube channels. If interested, read how to make money on the YouTube channel. In general, the probability of viewing several watch streams in video format is small.

All the ways to make money on Twitch streams work; you just need to use them correctly. Try to convert traffic with several options at once, find out which method is right for you.

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