5 tips to save money for an apartment

Tariffs for utilities are growing by leaps and bounds, and the owners of apartments with large footage are simply amazed at how much money they have to pay each month.

For a good example, I’ll say that living together is 76 square meters. meters, you have to pay about 4,500 rubles a month.

It is not surprising that many people are interested in the question of how to save on utilities? Every year the rent increases, and the salary grows at low rates (if it is raised at all).

We will not tell you that you can clean up spilled water or use one light bulb for the whole apartment, there are real savings methods.

5 tips to save money for an apartment

Maybe someone does not know, but if you get the title of honorary donor, you can count on benefits and pay less for an apartment.

It is not necessary to donate organs, it is enough to donate blood, but it will take many years. The option is not the best, moreover, they have now raised the rate of donated blood, which is also a negative point.

If you want to spend wisely the services provided by the housing office, use these recommendations:

  1. Energy-saving lamps are a great savings option, but only if you buy real lamps and not fakes. They really save energy and pay off in almost a year (their service life is longer).
  2. Good home appliances - this is not about expensive brands or multi-functional appliances, but about high-end appliances. Look closely in stores, there is a class A and B, which have much lower power consumption.
  3. Heat in the house - those people whose apartments are not connected to central heating should take care of this. If you are warming up with electric boilers and awnings, it is better to take care of the thermal insulation (tight door, double-glazed windows, house cladding).
  4. Plumbing - constantly comes into disrepair, but some are in no hurry to change it. Just think, a little dripping from the tap - some will say, however, every flowing drop, this is your extra expenses.
  5. Attention - without it, nowhere, you can not forget about the switched on light, you can set the timer to turn off the TV, and put the pans on the stove over the entire diameter of the burner.

People who have started saving money on rent payment are doing the right thing, because extra expenses can be avoided, and this is one of the rules for managing the family budget.

Let this year save you even 2,000 rubles, this is already a new tablet from.

Additional work in the network, to pay for utilities

Always turn off the lights, save water, and changed the lamps for a long time to energy-saving ones, but are the bills still big? Consider taking them from your e-wallet.

Using a selection of sites, which you will see below, you will have the opportunity to earn as much as you need to pay for housing services:

  1. Wmmail is a simple click sponsor, where many simple tasks are available. Here they pay for writing comments, likes, register and so on. Suppose you pay 3000 rubles for an apartment ($ 43), that is, you need to earn 1-1 per day. $ 5, which is quite realistic even for a beginner:
  2. 5 tips to save money for an apartment
  3. - a copywriting exchange, from which people who can write articles will not be lost. Would you like to forget about the cost of an apartment? Write only one article per day. The average price of $ 2 per text will suit you, since for a month, $ 60 runs. Decide what to write about yourself, in this regard, the authors have complete freedom:
  4. 5 tips to save money for an apartment
  5. - an investment game where you can put income on the machine. Once you invest money and buy a car, you will receive a fixed amount every month. The only caveat, you will need to collect funds on the passenger account, and for this you need to participate in races, attract referrals or work in the city:
  6. 5 tips to save money for an apartment
  7. - a binary options broker, offering a large profit who understands the floating exchange rates. On this site, you can bet, for example, on the fact that the dollar will rise or decline, and profitability ranges from 60%. You can also open bets on stocks of well-known companies or commodities:
  8. 5 tips to save money for an apartment

From all these sites you can receive payments to the Webmoney payment system. Register your wallet and transfer money even from several systems at once. Perhaps you will even have a part of the funds that can be sent to pay for the Internet, shopping, and so on.

How to pay with electronic money for utilities?

You will not need to withdraw funds from your virtual wallet if your home maintenance company accepts electronic payments. You can check it on the site, there is a payment.After going to the site, do not forget to choose your city:

5 tips to save money for an apartment

In terms of saving your budget, this is ideal, and you can use part-time work to cover other expenses.

Given the extent of Internet coverage, everyone should try his hand at least in one of the directions . If you spend too little time, then at least you can pay part of the rent.

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