5 tips for filling the site, write differently

Anyone who creates a website, necessarily starts to fill it, this process as well as all other aspects of the development of the resource, must be carried out correctly.

Newbies are only occasionally interested in how to properly fill the site, which is one of the reasons for the poor quality of the resources they create.

5 tips for filling the site, write differently

Recommendations for filling sites

In this article we will present 5 tips for filling the site, thanks to which every newcomer will know what information should be placed on his resource and how to do it:

  1. Full disclosure of the selected topic. After you get the idea to write an article, do not rush to write it right away, better think about what exactly you will tell your readers. Unfortunately, on many resources one can observe articles with a minimal number of symbols and superficially affecting one of the common topics. Too large articles (over 4-6 thousand characters) are poorly absorbed by readers, but this volume is quite enough to fully cover the topic. For example, if you decide to create an article for beginning copywriters, tell them not only about the way of earning, but also direct them to certain actions, write descriptions of the best exchanges, explain how to write articles, how to sell, how to recruit regular customers, provide the most popular subject articles and more.
  2. Write differently. Many webmasters advise to adhere to a certain style of presentation of information in order to attract regular visitors. If you write articles in different ways, there will be nothing wrong with this, and your readers will constantly receive new information in various forms. For example, some of your materials may be compiled in a scientific style, while others using spoken phrases and personal opinions.
  3. Optimize materials. Absolutely everything that you post on your website needs to be optimized. Content optimization will take some time, but it's worth noting that it will not be wasted. So that you are convinced of this, let's look at a specific example. Suppose that one webmaster wrote 10 not optimized articles for his site and thereby increased the attendance of his site by 10 visitors per day. The second webmaster added one high-quality and optimized article that came out in the TOP of the search results and brings him the same amount of visitors. Who wins in this case? Of course the second, because he added just one page and provided all the subtleties of content optimization.
  4. Post content steadily. The stability of adding new entries is necessary not only to enable search engines to index the site faster, but also to ensure that regular visitors know when they will receive new information to explore. No one except you will make a schedule of adding materials to the site, be sure to do this and in the future, try to follow the established rules.
  5. Liven up your subscribers. Do you want your site to be more like to users than other similar resources? Then engage in the revitalization of the audience. In your articles you can ask questions and be interested in the opinions of readers, directing them to the form of comments. Even communication in the comments can be for visitors one of the reasons to return to the site.

5 tips for filling the site, write differently

In conclusion of the article on filling tips, I would like to pay attention to the need to invent interesting topics and headings. Even if you decide to write an article, such as that created a great many, come up with an interesting title to it, and thus you will increase your chances of users showing interest.

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