5 reasons to choose WordPress, why is WordPress the best CMS?

The first thing you have to think about when developing a new site is what control system to use.

Today, many CMS are distributed, each of them has its pros and cons, so you need to correctly evaluate all the options to find the best platform, because in the future to move site may be impossible.

Among the most popular options, WordPress stands out. Most webmasters choose it because they consider this CMS to be the best.

Why is WordPress the best CMS? There are several factors that give her preference. In this article we will present them, and also note that Workion is also created using WordPress.

5 reasons to choose WordPress, why is WordPress the best CMS?

5 reasons to choose WordPress

  1. Free. Without any costs, anyone can visit the official site of this platform and get a CMS with a license to use it. Although the charge for other systems may not be large, extra costs are not necessarily incurred, especially since free distribution is far from being the only plus of WordPress.
  2. Lightness. Absolutely everyone can learn how to use WordPress, it does not require serious knowledge of programming. After downloading and installing the engine on the hosting (with the selected template), you get a ready resource that remains to be filled, unique, promoted and developed.
  3. Flexibility. Despite the fact that this CMS is free and simple, there are lots of extensions with which you can add anything to your resource. There are paid add-ons, there are free, but the quality of them does not necessarily depend on the cost. With plugins, you can expand WordPress and even create a full-fledged online store on it.
  4. Popularity. There is a lot of information about WordPress. Webmasters and bloggers have added a lot of articles with which you can solve almost all problems. In addition, there are many recommendations and step-by-step instructions for working with this platform. And if you do not find the answer, go to any forum for webmasters and describe your problem, WordPress specialists, quite a lot, they will help you.
  5. Stability. For many years, the creators of this engine are engaged in its maintenance and ensure the stable operation of the platform. Periodically there are updates, and you can also download them for free. Due to this, the owners of WordPress sites provide a higher level of security, as well as expand their capabilities.

5 reasons to choose WordPress, why is WordPress the best CMS?

Of course, which of the CMS to use is up to you , but it's better not to rush and evaluate all the options, taking into account every little thing. Perhaps, among paid platforms, there are real competitors to WordPress, but given the statistics, on this engine, most sites are created, and this already shows its popularity.

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