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It’s not hard at all to become a blogger, it’s enough to develop your own site and start writing posts. If it seems difficult for you to create a website in HTML or using a CMS, you can use the free website builder Fo, which we have already told our readers.

Accessibility to the blogosphere is associated with some problems, one of which is the ignorance of newcomers. This is not about spelling, but about the fact that when you start your blog, they make a lot of mistakes and in the future because of this there are various problems.

Let's look at 5 popular mistakes of bloggers and try not to allow them when maintaining your blog.

5 popular mistakes of bloggers | Workion. ru

How many bloggers are wrong?

  1. Extra functionality. To make your project a high-quality and interesting, some bloggers install a huge number of widgets and plug-ins on it, which negatively affects the speed of resource loading. Because of which, behavioral factors can deteriorate and as a result, they "sank" positions in the issue.
  2. Bad name. What is meant by a bad blog name? Too long and difficult to remember name. Pay attention to the domains of popular resources, they are all set to sonorous and easy to remember domains, take an example from them.
  3. Advertising concentration. Everyone wants to earn more, so some bloggers try to place as much advertising on their site as possible. Due to this, they want to increase the number of conversions, sales, views, and so on, but they forget that annoying ads, which occupy more than 25% of the site design, are perceived by visitors poorly. Consider whether it is worth losing traffic and scaring visitors with a lot of ad units, especially since the statistics indicate a large conversion from sites that have a little advertising.
  4. Unfinished design. If you think that blog design is not an important factor, then you are mistaken. The appearance of the site plays an important role, and even very high-quality texts will not help you improve the situation if the design is unpleasant. Here we add that the texts should be readable, navigation is convenient, and the color scheme should not irritate the eyes.
  5. No individuality. After launching the site, and even using the general theme, many webmasters do not even think about the impact of competition, which may simply not allow them to develop. If your blog is no different from thousands of similar projects, you can hardly count on success. Come up with some kind of chip and do not act like everyone else.

5 popular mistakes of bloggers | Workion. ru

There are many other errors, such as illiterate optimization, creating texts exclusively for search engines, selling a lot of links, organizing reference explosions, blog content copy-paste (even partial) and so on.

Anyone who decides to become a blogger should start with theoretical training and learn all the basics, otherwise practical actions will not lead to anything.

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