5 most important search trends in the near future - Profit Hunter

5 most important search trends in the near future - Profit Hunter The world of search engine optimization and content marketing has undergone many changes in 2015 and early 2016. Now creating content in isolation from social and search activity is a thing of the past. Although by itself it plays a central role in increasing conversions, the importance of the technical side of SEO should not be overlooked.

The emergence of the Internet industry has influenced what business owners are focusing on today. The main task is to bring content to the masses so that it works more efficiently. There are 5 SEO trends that should be taken into account.


  1. Mobile applications need optimization
  2. Structured data will become even more significant
  3. Site display
  4. Links remain the focus of attention
  5. Promotion not for the sake of ranking, but for the content and online presence of the site
  6. Final reflections

Mobile applications need optimization

5 most important search trends in the near future - Profit Hunter

In 2015, the global mobile search surpassed the desktop by the number of requests, and this trend is only increasing. Applications are becoming more significant in terms of user activity, so you need to improve their quality. 52% of all time spent with digital media accounts for mobile applications. The results of one of the American studies showed that 42% of all smartphone sales from 500 vendors came from applications. For this reason, they need to be optimized and work on the design.

When people search for applications on the Internet, they see small icons with a minimum of information. All pictures, including icons, should be talking and encouraging people to click.

After launching the application for all to see, watch its rating and reviews. If customers start to complain about any mistakes or other problems when using them, they need to be corrected and people should be notified about it.

Structured data will become even more significant.

5 most important search trends in the near future - Profit Hunter

In 2015, Google announced a new self-learning system, known as RankBrain. The technology was developed to improve the quality of search. That is, the machine must understand the intentions of users better than before. Google employees say that this will partially help in cases where the search engine is faced with previously unseen requests. This ranking factor quickly became outstanding. The search giant claims RankBrain is the third most important ranking signal in the algorithm.

Thus, RankBrain becomes an even more significant ranking signal in 2016. From a technical point of view, in order to anticipate this state of affairs, brands should focus on structured data, such as a micromarking schema. org. They help websites to better interact with search engines, explaining exactly what is on the page, rather than just leaving them to spiders. This allows you to more accurately display Internet resources in the search.

In the past, the missing or inaccurate use of structured data had a minimal effect on brand representation. As search engines have become smarter, the need for additional information has increased. Misuse of such data will have a greater impact on the success of the site than before.

Using schema micromarking. org, you must also look into Google Webmaster Tools to make sure that there are no errors. A tool called the Structured Data Testing Tool also helps to verify this.

It is necessary to ensure that micromarking is used throughout the site, in particular - for video content. Thanks to it, the optimizer can be sure that the necessary snippets are correctly displayed wherever it is needed (for example, in the search results for the video). Micromarking allows you to increase the number of clicks and conversions, as it improves the visibility of the site in the issue.

Displaying the site

5 most important search trends in the near future - Profit Hunter

When potential clients from a search encounter the problem of finding information that they expect to see on the site, they simply go back to the search results and leave to competitors. Approximately 50% of sales are lost for this reason.

It is necessary to make sure that the website is user-friendly and leads them to perform targeted actions. Examine the statistics and look at their behavior. If many visitors open several pages and only briefly familiarize themselves with the content, then something needs to be done about it. Coming from a search, they simply do not find specific information that is being requested.

Note how your site is organized. Make sure that users can easily navigate sections and subsections. Drop-down menus are very helpful in navigation, because they minimize the number of clicks.Organize a search on the site, especially if it has a commercial focus. The presence of filters on the parameters for products is very effective.

Links stay in focus.

New surprises from search filters are still ahead. So, it is planned that the new Penguin update will detect spam links in real time. The main thing - to benefit from this and not fall under the filters. So, you need to carefully monitor the reference profile, clean it and identify abnormal phenomena (such as unexpected jumps in the number of backlinks). New links should be purchased from sites with a good reputation, to monitor their relevance.

Promotion is not for the sake of ranking, but for the sake of content and online presence of the site. , and more and more - the visibility of the brand. The Internet resource will require more integration with other Internet platforms, including social media. Brands will have to move more and more on social platforms as their role grows. The importance of mobile applications for Youtube and Facebook is increasing, the number of users is growing. That is why it is necessary to improve the mobile version of the site.

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