5 lifehacks using Letyshops cashback service

People always want to spend less money and get more. This is natural, because not all incomes are high and even a small discount is perceived as a nice gift. A lot of goods are bought through the Internet, users spend millions, and cashback services make it possible to save a lot.

Of the most popular services, LetiShops is highlighted, which is now advertised on many YouTube channels. It is not difficult to use it, beginners are offered to pass an interactive test. Therefore, we decided to submit 5 lifehacks for using the cashback service.

5 lifehacks using Letyshops cashback service

What is a Letyshops, why is it needed?

It is difficult to understand to whom and why give part of the money for purchases. Some even think that the Letyshops are a sham, but they are not. Explain the principle of its work can be on the fingers. Large stores want to get customers, and instead of spending huge amounts of money on advertising, they enter into cooperation with various services (including cashback systems).

Customers are attracted through such projects as LetyShops, and a percentage of remuneration is charged for this. A small part of this amount is collected by the system, the rest is charged to the buyer. Everything is very simple, and Letyshops reviews confirm the honesty of this site.

The most popular online stores are always ready to cooperate. A large list of sites is offered at LetiShops and a percentage of the purchase is indicated there, which is credited after placing the order:

5 lifehacks using Letyshops cashback service

$ for every $ 100 spent. A good discount, and it can increase if you actively use the system. We will now tell you more about this and other interesting ways to get the most out of LetyShops.

Useful cashback service Letyshops

Millions of people have already connected to this system and began to save. However, not everyone understood the intricacies of the service. Many do not realize that using it through the Letyshops application is even more convenient, it is really possible to increase percentages and so on.

Let's consider the 5 tricks of working with cashback service:

  1. Letyshops extension.
    We need to constantly follow the news and updates to catch stocks with higher interest rates. Make it much easier when you have the Letyshops browser plugin installed. Download it from your personal account, there are versions for all popular browsers and when visiting online stores, conveniently activate the cashback:

5 lifehacks using Letyshops cashback service

The extension presents a list of available stores that you need Do not have to enter their names in the address bar. It is convenient to follow the balance via the plugin and you can create a list of your favorite stores.

Addition downloaded almost 200,000 times, it does not affect the speed of the browser, make the work with LetyShops even more comfortable.

  1. Cashback from Aliexpress Mobile Application.
    Users often complain that they don’t receive a percentage of a purchase made in a mobile application. Why not place an order on the site? Because in the application prices are lower. For a purchase from a smartphone, Aliexpress offers an additional discount. There is a solution to the problem, place an order from the phone, and then go to the site to make a payment:

5 lifehacks using Letyshops cashback service

Thus, you will receive the goods at the price specified in the mobile application , but for payment from the site, you will still receive a percentage of cashback. Computer still have to use, but only for the transfer of funds.

  1. Letyshops Coupons.
    Additionally, you can save money by using promotional codes. They can be found on the page of any store through LetyShops. First, select from the general list, then scroll a little page and see the tab with the promotional codes:

5 lifehacks using Letyshops cashback service

On Aliexpress, they are constantly there, you need to seize the moment and use the best deals. There is a code for the provision of discounts, and sometimes an increase in cashback. After clicking the "Show promo code" button, the code does not always appear, sometimes you can go directly to the purchases:

5 lifehacks using Letyshops cashback service

Do not rush to buy goods, better wait until promotional codes appear on them. For example, in addition to the standard cashback on Aliexpress (6. 5%), you get another 5% from the code. It turns out the total cashback 11. 5%.

  1. Increased Cashback Letyshops.
    Active users of cashback service get more and more favorable conditions, earning money on purchases. Now LetyShops holds an action, each new user receives + 30% cashback but only the first month. Then you need to reach this level, earning over 10,000 rubles:

5 lifehacks using Letyshops cashback service

At Letyshops, the withdrawal is from 500 rubles, earning this amount you get a bronze status, it increases 10% cashback . For example, if in Lamoda you had a cashback of 5%, then it will become 5. 5%, having reached the gold status, the rate will be already 6. 5%.

Account types are provided for a certain time, it is also displayed in your account.

  1. Refer a friend to Letyshops.
    Even more can save and earn with this system, if you actively talk about it and bring new users. In the main menu of the personal account there is a point “Refer a friend”:

5 lifehacks using Letyshops cashback service

If someone registers on LetyShops on your ref. link, you will receive a lifetime of 15% of his cashback. For example, a user made a purchase and returned 100 rubles, you receive 15 rubles, while the referral is not charged anything. You can invite friends through social networks or by clicking on the link:

5 lifehacks using Letyshops cashback service

Spamming is prohibited, you can’t also mention the brand of LetShops and use contextual advertising. Be careful, because in case of violation of these rules, the account is blocked without the right to withdraw funds.

I love the Letyshops for the opportunity to get back some of the money from the purchase. For those who are constantly ordering something on the Internet, this service brings good amounts. It can be said that impressive discounts are provided, because then, with the money raised, it is also possible to actually order some goods.


Affiliate Program What users of this system should know about is the possibility of cooperation. You can use the standard function of inviting friends, but that's not all. On the aggregator, the company has an offer. It pays 15 rubles for each registration and 70% -75% of paid orders (from system revenue):

5 lifehacks using Letyshops cashback service

is a separate service, He also needs to register. There are many proposals for partnerships. They make huge money with him. Here you can get links to attract customers and many other sites:

5 lifehacks using Letyshops cashback service

Only for work in the system, you must add a source of traffic - where users will go from. It is desirable that this was your own site, group (any other site).

You can also specify any advertising network as a source and, by investing your money in teasers or banners, attract clients to large sites.

It’s difficult to do this kind of work, but we had to tell about it, because the Workion blog about making money on the Internet .

Coming wisely to using Letyshops, you manage to save many times more money. Use all the tricks, follow the emergence of new discounts, promotions, promotional codes, invite friends. Saved or earned money is easily withdrawn, it is not any points or points.

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