5 forbidden topics for moneymakers

Interesting communication, this is one of the reasons why we meet with friends, go to social networks or dial someone's phone number.

Our blog is about finance, many of our readers often communicate with entrepreneurs and those who work on the Internet.

Proper communication is the key to an interesting conversation.

In order for the conversation to take shape, you have to choose topics, but some of them may not be suitable.

If you do not want to embarrass the interlocutor and prolong the dialogue with him, never use taboo topics for moneymakers. This is especially important if you are trying to establish business connections.

5 forbidden topics for moneymakers

Topics that are not suitable for business communication

Not everything can be communicated with a person who earns money on the Internet. There are general topics suitable for talking with anyone - movies, weather, cars, but there are also topics that you don’t want to talk about:

  1. Earnings and earnings. Not everyone wants to discuss their finances, especially some hide them. The most popular question for moneymakers, freelancers and bloggers is “How much do you earn?”. It is better not to ask such questions, first, a person may not want to disclose this information. Secondly, the work can be so annoying that you simply don’t want to talk about it.
  2. Personal life. If you establish business connections, then what difference does it make to you, with whom your interlocutor lives and who he likes more. The topic is not suitable also because business people do not always have relationships with the opposite sex. Who knows, you can touch him for a "living", personal life, for that and personal, so as not to discuss it with anyone.
  3. Policy. People often talk about politics, but this option is also not appropriate, because you and your interlocutor may have opposite views. In this case, just will not leave an interesting conversation. Perhaps, after expressing your political position, you simply kill the interest of communication. It is worth noting that obsession when discussing political topics is generally not acceptable.
  4. Their success. There is a category of people who, at every opportunity, tries to tell what they have achieved and how successful they are. There is an opinion that demonstrating their income, they will interest the interlocutor and he will have a desire to maintain a dialogue or even to offer cooperation. Nobody likes braggers, modesty decorates a person, so wait for the leading questions.
  5. Unpleasant topics. Everyone has some unacceptable topics for communication, it needs to be defined as communication. For example, if you asked a few questions, received general answers, or didn’t receive them at all, it’s better to forget about it and not to repeat again. A person may not want to talk about anything, watch his behavior.

In business and remote work, communication is the most important component. There are plenty of examples of how people established business relationships, and then it turned into a permanent collaboration.

5 forbidden topics for moneymakers

Do you want to receive messages from people you like to communicate with as often as possible? Then select the appropriate topics and do not enter them in awkward positions. Unfortunately, newbies make this mistake too often, limiting themselves from useful connections.

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