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5 films that shook my imagination - Profit Hunter 5 songs have already been, now I want to write about 5 films that are in my time greatly influenced my worldview. Of course, now these films no longer carry the emotional load for me that before, but I don’t expect it from them - they have done their job.

1. Requiem for a dream .

5 films that shook my imagination - Profit Hunter A film about addiction in its various manifestations. Oddly enough, the reaction of most of my friends to the film was “Everything, no more puffs ...” As if there was not an old woman who sat down on amphetamines because of a strong desire to lose weight and get into the camera lens (dependence on dreams). The soundtrack from Kronos Quartet is generally a separate conversation.

2. Twin Peaks. Fire come with me .

5 films that shook my imagination - Profit Hunter When I watched this movie for the first time, I was really scared. It’s scary not about what was happening on the screen, but from the ideas and images that the film carries. One boy in a mask is worth something. once I wanted to turn off the movie so as not to watch it to the end (by the way, the Twin Peaks TV series I didn’t watch the second time, because I knew how it would end - probably, I was used to the happy songs).

3. Fight Club .

5 films that shook my imagination - Profit Hunter At 18 years old, all the laws and principles on which the world stands are worth being doubted. I want to break the existing order of things. I want to escape responsibility. In short, at that time “Fight Club” was just what I needed. Once on a drunken head, my friend and I even decided to set up our own fight club. Everything ended with a bump on my forehead and a broken nose. More to this topic did not return 🙂

4. American Beauty .

5 films that shook my imagination - Profit Hunter This was the first film that pushed me into the reality of the average life of an average American (of course, the type is suitable not only for Americans.) The main character is an office slave, his wife is a slave of stuff and just a hysteric (especially her nervous breakdown after the working day and mantras such as "I will sell this house today ", "I don't want to be a victim "and other twists). Then for me it was all wild and wrong. It turned out to be nothing more than the usual order of things.

5. Asterix at the Olympic Games .

5 films that shook my imagination - Profit Hunter Of course, “Asterix and Co.” is in this post by the box office, but you can't just watch movies that load the mind, because sometimes you need to relax it. I looked at Asterix several times (like and the previous parts) and I’ll probably look at a few more. It’s not boring, even kill ей

I would like to know what films you are watching. -writer and Globator. If you haven’t written about it on your blogs yet, be sure to do it 🙂

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