5 Crisis Survival Tips

Foods are becoming more expensive, the appliances are much more expensive, you have to pay twice as much for services - the crisis is to blame.

Residents of Russia are gradually becoming accustomed to difficult survival conditions, but their dreams of a beautiful life do not leave them. Until the economy improves in the country, it is necessary to hold out, and for this we offer you several recommendations.

This article has collected 5 tips on survival in a crisis that are more relevant than ever. Any difficulties are surmountable, you only need to learn how to manage your capital correctly, to save as much as possible and to work more.

Even during a crisis, some people succeed , so act.

5 Crisis Survival Tips

How to survive in a crisis?

Now is the best time to give up life on a grand scale. Money has become the most important resource, without which it can not survive. To keep financial problems from getting worse, listen to these tips:

  1. Stop worrying. Panic and experience can make you do rash acts. Why buy products or appliances, if within a few days they can become cheaper? Of course, they can grow in price, so you need to soberly assess the situation. Do not take loans, do not meddle in debt pits, look for alternative ways to extract money.
  2. Manage your time. If before you had a lot of time for entertainment, computer games and "gatherings" with friends, then during a crisis it is better to spend it with benefit. Correct time management is one of the components in the work of successful people. What exactly to spend time you learn from the fifth council.
  3. Learn to save. The opportunity to save money must be used. Learn how to save on purchases and learn how to spend less than you are used to. Shopping through the Internet is one of the best options, all the more you can order goods from China directly from the manufacturer at a reduced price (as there are no intermediaries).
  4. Do not lend money. During a crisis, people will definitely contact you to borrow money. Learn to say no, because you may need the money yourself. You must always keep a stock of funds to use unique offers. Constantly held any promotions and sales, and if you do not give money in time, you will not have time to take advantage of it.
  5. Work actively. Free time from the main work is best spent on a side job. In order not to burden yourself with hard physical work, use the Internet. To get started, learn how to earn 500 rubles, this will be the first step, gradually you will increase revenues. In general, there is a lot of work in the network, so regardless of age and education, you can find suitable ways.
5 Crisis Survival Tips

Do your problems seem intractable? Every day there are families on the planet whose houses are destroyed, whose cities no longer exist, and in some countries the situation is much worse than in Russia.

They all somehow survive, so your situation is not the worst. Follow the recommendations from this article, and survive in a crisis will be easier.

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