5 best ways to invest in Bitcoin, risks

Some trends are constantly appearing in the world, followed by crowds of people. Today this place is occupied by cryptocurrencies.

Even beginners who do not know how the blockchain works decide to invest money. The move is literate, however, you should first understand everything and find out what options are available for increasing capital.

How to invest in Bitcoins? The easiest way is to buy cryptomonettes and wait until their course rises.

Just for this you need to wait for the best moment. After all, someone managed to buy BTC at a price of $ 20,000, and the rate has not risen above this mark for several months. As in other areas, it requires a professional approach.

5 best ways to invest in Bitcoin, risks

Does it invest money in Bitcoins?

The cryptocurrency market looks attractive, but no one knows for sure how long these assets will last for make it popular. But what if tomorrow the network falls apart and people lose their capital?

Anything can happen, with the same probability the ruble exchange rate will collapse once again or there will be a fire at some factory.

Risks remain, no matter what method of investment you choose. Cryptocurrencies do not just attract attention, and not only beginners.

Billionaires have already begun to invest in them, and they are always looking for the right ways. They explain their actions by the following factors:

  • for 2017, the best cryptocurrency courses have risen to serious indicators;
  • worldwide, cryptocurrency is gaining popularity, the demand for them only grows;
  • crypto money gradually takes root into real companies;
  • the production of plastic cards with a Bitcoin balance has long been started;
  • the exchange rate does not depend on any state;
  • cryptocurrency networks are decentralized, no one controls them;
  • coin emission restrictions.

We have already presented 10 reasons to start using Bitcoin, this cryptocurrency has broken records and is currently the most popular.

Believing that it will burst like a soap bubble is meaningless. No one controls the system, and the last coin will be issued in more than 100 years.

Should I invest in Bitcoins, how profitable is it?

Investors have a large choice of areas - investments in gold, real estate, business, creation of Internet projects, and so on. But more and more often they choose the crypto market, because here it’s realistic to multiply their money by several times over a short period of time.

To help you understand what amounts we are talking about, let's look at the graph of the Bitcoin rate for today. Cryptocurrency has high volatility, quotes change quickly and traders earn money on it:

5 best ways to invest in Bitcoin, risks

Look, at 6 am, coins were worth a little more than $ 8,000. After 12 hours, their rate rose to $ 750. All those who managed to buy 1 BTC at the lowest price and sold them at the highest, received a net profit of 43,000 rubles.

Can you earn as much in 1 day? It is unlikely, although such income requires a solid start-up capital.

5 best ways to invest in Bitcoin, risks

This chart shows the Bitcoin rate for the last 3 months. After the new year 2018, the course correction began, before which it was actively increasing. But pay attention, today's course is not lower than it was in November 2017.

According to most experts, there is a high probability that in 2018 BTC will be worth more than $ 40,000 .

5 ways to invest in Bitcoins

Options for investing in the most popular cryptocurrency are different. You need to choose based on your goals, capabilities and knowledge. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, consider them in more detail:

1. Buy Bitcoins for long-term investments

The easiest way, which does not require special skills. For this method, we strongly recommend buying a hardware wallet.

The device will help protect coins from intruders. If you invest a substantial amount and for a long time, then the gadget just need to be purchased.

As for the purchase of the Bitcoins themselves, this can be done through any cryptocurrency exchange. Do not use exchangers, there are not so profitable courses.

It is better to find an offer from real people on the stock exchange and make a deal with them. Exchange acts as a guarantor, no one can fool anyone.

It is important to capture the perfect moment to enter the market. Bitcoins need to buy during a drawdown. Then the probability of increasing their value will be much higher.

Now just such a moment, the adjustment in the negative direction has stabilized and the course began to slowly rise. Not far off, new record marks.

2. Trading Bitcoins on the Exchange

It is hard to arbitrate on cryptocurrency, you first have to figure out what their courses depend on and learn how to make predictions. The essence is very simple - buy cheaper, sell more expensive.

It is necessary to meet the deadline as soon as possible (at least in a few minutes). Coin volatility is high, so in a day you can actually make several successful transactions.

It is pointless to carry out transactions only for currency pairs with BTC. It is necessary to expand their capabilities by trading other known altcoins. Be careful, there are a lot of scammers in this area.

To make money trading with a minimum commission and guaranteed to receive payments, register on. This exchange since 2018 is the leader in daily turnover.

3. Mining Bitcoins

It is better not to even think about the extraction of new coins for beginners. Why? Because the complexity of mining has increased several times and most of the miners do not pay off the costs.

Once it was possible to connect to the network with a simple computer, now this requires a powerful farm.

5 best ways to invest in Bitcoin, risks

Look at the cost of video cards, because of the miners, it has grown significantly. To collect a decent farm, it will take about half a million rubles. Plus, consider the cost of electricity. Also, the equipment quickly loses its relevance, it has to be updated.

According to reviews, Bitcoin mining deposits pay off in about a year.

The option is complex and not profitable for everyone, because you need to be well versed in technologies. The only plus is an easy sale of components. If something goes wrong, the video card can be quickly sold and recouped the lion's share of the costs.

4. Cloud mining

The variant is also associated with the generation of new coins. Only in this case, the equipment is not purchased, and rented.

The main advantage is the ability to start with any capital. Even if you only have $ 20, you can try. The most popular service for cloud mining is:

5 best ways to invest in Bitcoin, risks

Bitcoins will be mined for these two algorithms. Contracts are concluded for a year, you can invest any amount.

You don’t have to do anything yourself, you don’t also need to keep your computer turned on. And after making a deposit, the system will calculate the expected income, taking into account current data.

Use Bitcoin cloud mining from

. This is the oldest company that has its own program for mining various cryptocurrencies without any investments at all.

According to the reviews of investors who invest in Bitcoin cloud mining, the yield does not exceed 140% per year. Not the highest percentages, but you need to understand that nothing has to be done. Made any amount and periodically make a profit.

5. Binary options

The last option is to invest in Bitcoin, does not require the purchase of coins. You can earn only on forecasting, for this, even a purse for cryptocurrency is not required.

Register for or, make deposits and place bets on the BTC rate of appreciation or increase:

5 best ways to invest in Bitcoin, risks

This is how the platform looks, it shows the graph of the chosen currency pair. In our case, this is Bitcoin / dollar. Now we make a bet through the side menu.

We put 3000 rubles to the fact that after 3 hours 19 minutes, the course will be lower. When the selected time passes, the result appears. Here are my statistics on recent transactions:

5 best ways to invest in Bitcoin, risks

I bet 3,000 rubles each, and in total I earned 5,970 rubles. The most difficult thing is to build the correct forecast. You need to constantly monitor the market, follow the news and communicate on professional forums.

If you do everything correctly and do not hurry, you can collect over 10,000 rubles in just one day.

The authors of such articles also recommend investing in Bitcoins at interest through various funds, HYIPs or even trust management. Perhaps there are honest projects, but in 99% of cases you will stumble upon dubious resources, where if you are lucky, you will have time to withdraw at least something.

Tips for those who have decided to invest in Bitcoins at interest rates

Often, investors become beginners who only have a superficial understanding of what cryptocurrency is. They make different mistakes, lose part of their start-up capital or do not correctly assess the risks.

So that you do not step on the same rake, we will give some practical advice:

  1. Do not change the currency too often - for each operation on the exchanges and in exchangers commission. And also do not fall for a general panic. The course may decline, but this is not a reason to get rid of the asset.
  2. Carefully choose services for work - not all exchanges, online wallets and exchangers work stably. Study reviews, test with small amounts, evaluate additional features and courses.
  3. Provide maximum bitcoin protection - be sure to enable two-factor authentication. Now it is available on almost all major sites. And to ensure the protection of coins, it is better to buy a cold wallet.
  4. Do not be fooled by the tricks of scammers - they constantly launch some funds, are ready to multiply other people's capital and promise huge interest rates. All the working methods we have presented above.
  5. Expand your investment portfolio - risks will be much lower if you invest in more than just Bitcoin. There are many Altcoins, which also have a great future, we presented them in the article about the most promising cryptocurrencies.

We also add to the tips that we should consider the new ICO start-ups. More and more cryptocurrency appears, at the starting stage they are sold at a low rate. But even pros are not always able to choose something promising among new projects.

5 best ways to invest in Bitcoin, risks

Risks of investing in Bitcoins

Before investing money in any direction, it is necessary to assess the risks. Cryptocurrencies are also susceptible to them, perhaps, after studying risks, you generally decide to choose some other way to roll your finances:

  1. Abrupt sale of Bitcoins - imagine the situation that holders of a large number coins decide to sell their assets. This will immediately affect the course, and newcomers in a panic will start selling BTC. As a result, the price will greatly decrease and not the fact that the same high interest in the crypt will continue.
  2. The prohibition of cryptocurrency at the state level - it is not profitable for any country to have a new means of payment. Now China is actively discussing bills prohibiting the use of cryptocurrency. In Russia, there is nothing like this, you should not worry.
  3. Problems with miners - the network is based on the facilities provided by the users themselves. It's no secret that the main hashrate is provided by the "farmers" from under heaven. There are a number of problems because of which they can cease to exist, and this will entail big problems for the blockchain.

A negative turn of events is possible, but at the moment there are no serious risks foreseen. With massive sales, speculators return rates to previous positions.

In Russia, they are not in a hurry to prohibit cryptocurrencies, and solid mining farms do not even think about closing down, because their activities bring good profit.

5 best ways to invest in Bitcoin, risks

Investor reviews, how to invest Bitcoins

Millions of people from around the globe have already contributed to Bitcoin. Someone has already earned such investments, someone expects it. Especially for this post, we attracted two of our familiar investors, who are not the first day involved in cryptocurrency.

Victor is a manager in a small company.

He worked tirelessly, refused himself a lot, he wanted to save money. And here, in 2017, all bitched about Bitcoins. I thought for a long time whether this was a worthwhile topic and yet decided. He invested 250,000 rubles in August. Then the course was $ 3000 for 1 BTC, I received 1. 43 Bitcoin.

Really sweating from risks, so without waiting for new promotions, he sold coins in November 2017 for almost $ 10,000. With commissions (for exchange, input and output on the exchanges), 800,000 rubles were issued.

What can I say, I'm a fool, because you could wait a bit and sell BTC at $ 20,000. I did not dare to re-invest and did not lose, the course has now fallen. Again, I think to invest in Bitcoin, but have not yet decided.

Gleb is a professional investor.

Through the Internet, I constantly invest in various projects. Cryptocurrencies interested me in 2015, but then the market was underdeveloped. Nevertheless, I bought 0. 5 Bitcoin, which I have already traded for half a million rubles.

A good moment, not a thoughtful move, because I could not even imagine that the course would rise so much. Last week, another $ 2,000 was invested in Bitcoin, apparently, the quotes will creep upwards.

Why so little? Because in my investment portfolio there are already more than 50 different coins, besides, I actively invest in ICO.

When reviewing reviews on other sites, more often you have to observe disappointed comments like "Where I was and what I thought." Indeed, many did not have time to buy a cryptocurrency when it was cheap. But then few people seriously assessed the development of the crypto market.

Contributions to Bitcoins and other altcoins will be beneficial only if you explore this niche. We advise you to start by studying the mistakes of novice traders.

Bitcoins to invest at interest with a guarantee of payments is now offered by many funds and various services.

We do not recommend using them, it is better to learn how to trade or just to put coins for a long time. Although everyone is free to make a choice, so decide which method suits you best and do not hesitate, Bitcoin will change course tomorrow.

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