$ 45. 45 for the lead? Easy! - Profit Hunter

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$ 45. 45 for the lead? Easy! - Profit Hunter Often in comments to posts, letters and messages in ICQ, readers ask about how to find a niche and where to get a partner product. I will not dwell on the niches - they are all good, and in almost every one of them you can find your own loopholes and backdoors, you just need to think a little and torment Google Keyword Tool, but I would like to talk about partner products separately.

As I have noticed many times already, there are few kosher affiliate programs that want to work with webmasters from Russia, Ukraine and other countries of the former USSR. For physical goods, this is Amazon and CJ. com, for information - PayDotCom. com, for CPA - AffiliateCube and Kopek. (Pharma, as well as PPC and adult affiliate in this context is unformat.) It seems I have not forgotten anyone.

But there is another affiliate program that you should definitely pay attention to if you are going to enter the bourgeois market or are already actively working with it. Especially if you want to work in a financial niche. This is t3leads affiliate program. (Maybe you noticed, quite recently the banner of this affiliate appeared on the blog.)

T3leads pays leads (pay-per-lead), i.e. actions a user who has clicked through your affiliate link to the target site, or committed these actions directly on your site. In this case, the action is not just filling out a questionnaire, but buying a product.

There are a lot of advantages in this affiliate program, but I would like to immediately answer a question that is surely spinning in your head: how much money can you expect from working with t3leads ?

Here is the answer:

$ 45. 45 for the lead? Easy! - Profit Hunter

The high cost of leads is caused by the fact that t3leads works directly with banks and other financial institutions. They do not outbid traffic, as most CPA affiliates do. In the majority of offers, lead conversion exceeds 90%, which is also very, very good.

For some offers, the size of payments for the same actions of visitors is different. This is due to customer requirements for lead quality, which depends on several factors, including the state where the target visitor lives.

In addition, t3leads promotes credit cards, payments on which amount to $ 61. 2 for one order.

Separately, I would like to note the serious attitude of the guys from t3leads to their business:

  • The graphics and text content on the sites are not satisfactory.
  • Forms for filling in data hang in a prominent place and immediately attract the attention of the visitor (proof of this is 1: 4 on separate sites).
  • There are a lot of banners, there are plenty to choose from.
  • Detailed lead statistics.
  • Sites are loaded without brakes, and this is another weighty plus.

Conclusion: t3leads is doing everything possible to ensure that its partners receive the maximum reward for their work. For example, such:

$ 45. 45 for the lead? Easy! - Profit Hunter

But this is not all. T3leads allows you to create your own website on your own hosting and hang the finished design on it (details here). Alternatively, you can write your own texts and correct the graphics. Agree, in capable hands such an opportunity can significantly increase the final profit.

Well, about payments, where without them 🙂

Payments every two weeks with a hold of 15 days, minimum wage $ 100. When you reach a commission of $ 300, you will receive a free ePassporte card as a gift. Payment options are:

  • WebMoney
  • Fethard
  • ePassporte
  • Wire transfer
  • Check
  • PayPal
  • E-gold

Personally, I really liked the affiliate program. As soon as I deal with the current project for those who want to quit smoking, I will definitely take up some payday loans online or cheapest car .

p. s. The main page of the affiliate is here. For registration you can use my referral link 😉

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