4 ways to make money online for doctors

Despite the fact that there are decent salaries in medicine, many doctors are forced to look for a side job.

In addition to the lack of money, additional work can be an excellent safety net in case of unforeseen situations. The Internet is the best place to work for experienced professionals from virtually any field.

Now we will examine 4 ways of making money on the Internet for doctors, which will help each medical worker to organize additional sources of profit.

It is not necessary to be an experienced doctor, even minor knowledge in this area will help to perform one of the types of distant work presented.

4 ways to make money online for doctors

How can a doctor make money on the Internet?

I would like to say right away that medicine on the Internet is one of the most profitable spheres.

First, many people are looking for information about diseases and ways to treat it online. Secondly, the money is “spinning” large, pharmaceuticals were profitable on the Internet 10 years ago.

So, what can a doctor do to make money online?

1. Copywriting. This is the easiest option for earnings. You will need to write articles on medical topics and put them up for sale for sites with the same subject.

Medicine - is included in the subjects of articles purchased more often than others, so the demand for your materials will be accurate. Now a lot of authors work in this niche, new texts are added almost every day:

4 ways to make money online for doctors

The choice of the topic is yours, write about what you are interested in and what you understand. It is best to post articles on, with the price from 0. $ 4 per 1000 characters . When you pick up the experience, the cost can be raised to even a few dollars.

The only negative Advego is the high grammar requirements, if this is a problem for you, use the Etxt exchange.

When selling articles, you will have a free schedule, but do not think that this is a simple job. Each text must be checked for uniqueness, through Advego Plagiatus (free program). In addition, you need to follow some rules of successful copywriting.

2. Counseling. For consultations with doctors, people are willing to pay decent money. Someone needs advice, someone does not dare to go to the hospital, and some are even willing to undergo an online examination.

Experienced medical consultants make good money on this. For this, even created a special service. Here is a summary of one of the doctors:

4 ways to make money online for doctors

As you can see, for a 20 minute consultation he takes from 200 to 1000 rubles . Agree, a worthy side job, especially since clients only apply when you are online.

This service has analogues, and you can also offer paid consultations through medical forums (look for topics with problems in people and offer help).

3. Freelance. A lot of remote work requires the approach of a professional medical worker. Through the freelance exchanges, you can easily find a huge number of vacancies and individual projects to earn some money:

4 ways to make money online for doctors

Some people need medical help for their studies, someone needs literate reviews on the forums, who can ask to share experience and so on.

Among the vacancies there are also interesting offers , for example, on a permanent device as a consultant on some medical website or an online pharmacy store.

4. Own site. The most profitable way to earn money for a doctor, as well as for a specialist from another area, is to create your own resource. If this is too difficult for you, you can first create a Vkontakte group or launch a YouTube channel.

But still, it’s better to start by creating a blog through which you can also offer consultant services.

You can also make money on your website by placing advertisements or using pharma affiliate programs:

  • ;

By offering people various medications, you will be charged percentage of each sale. Such affiliate programs are very profitable and bring a lot of money if you spin your resource well.

Knowledge in the field of medicine can not only be useful in life, but also ensure a stable income on the Internet.

Doctor, you are a nurse or intern, try your hand at one of the types of remote work. The Internet is a promising niche, it must be used to earn money.

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