4 ways to earn points in Taxi Money

The popularity of the Taxi Money project is growing daily, and more and more information appears on the Internet about this game.

As a rule, people talk about buying cars and getting passive income, but they don’t say anything about pitfalls . The account for withdrawal does indeed receive money on the machine, but in order to withdraw them, it takes work.

This article has collected 4 ways to make money c. You have to do something or invest a lot of money to easily withdraw everything that accumulates at the expense of cars.

Forget about passive profits, all this is said only to lure people to the site, everyone has to work.

4 ways to earn points in Taxi Money

How to make money on Taxi Money?

To begin with, you will need to buy cars in any case. It is from them that the profit goes to the account for withdrawal.

In order to transfer money from there, you still need to collect rubles on the passenger account. These are payment points, it is difficult to get them. It is advisable to start with cars of level 4, as they come in handy for one of the methods of getting points.

Although you can do without investments , there is a separate way for this, which is also presented in this article:

  1. The work of a taxi driver in the city. Just to use this method, you need to buy a car at least level 4. Only on such a machine will it be possible to carry out single orders in the city. First you need to buy a license, and then as often as possible send your taxi to work. For more details on this, see the article about earnings in the city of Taxi Money. With completed orders, money can be received in the passenger account.
  2. Opening of your company. Profitable, but expensive option. To open a company in the city, you need to pay at least 8900 rubles. This is enough for the first level of the company, others are even more expensive. The advantage is that you don’t have to fulfill orders yourself. You hire as many taxi drivers as possible and get a percentage of their salary. There are a lot of open companies, so you have to set an increased percentage of employee contributions.
  3. Racing in the Enclave. A few months ago, the game Enclave from Taxi Money was launched, in which races are held. It is not necessary to invest there, the first car is given for free, and it can be improved in order to win races without any problems. Money for the passenger account there is given only for winning contests. There are many people who want to, so do not expect to make a profit quickly and simply, you will constantly have to chase with other people.
  4. Affiliate Program . I use this method, I consider it the best. When you invite new players, you are charged a percentage of their deposits. The amount of deductions depends on the qualification, it rises depending on the number of invited people. Initially, a passenger account gives 25% of the replenishment, but the rate can be increased to 40%. Even through social networks you can find fans to play and earn money in parallel, although your site is much more efficient.
4 ways to earn points in Taxi Money

Do not limit yourself to the same game Taxi Money has many high-quality analogs. At

there are no payment points, and at

for making 5,000 rubles distribute free referrals.

Earn on Taxi Money really , but do not confuse it with passive investments. In order for the passenger account to have a sufficient amount to withdraw all funds from the balance for withdrawal, you will have to sweat.

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