4 tips when you need to bet on outsiders

Many betters do not even think to bet money for a potentially losing team.

Bookmakers put high odds on outsiders, but the possibility of their victory is so small that you don't want to waste money . But sometimes things change, and such bets help win big money.

When should you bet on outsiders? There are several reasons to put on the team or athlete, which according to the forecast of the majority should merge. Just imagine how much money you can get if you predict the victory of an obvious outsider, sometimes the odds exceed 10-60.

4 tips when you need to bet on outsiders

Bets on outsiders

All strategies of bets on outsiders are based on simple mathematics. If you bet on the favorites, you often win, but not enough. If you bet on outsiders, you rarely win, but a lot.

So that you understand that betting on a weak team is also beneficial, let's consider the example of one of the matches with BC:

4 tips when you need to bet on outsiders

Suppose we allocate $ 100 and we bet on favorites 100 times, with an approximate ratio, as shown in the image.

In 80% of games, the winner will be the favorite, that is, we get $ 128. Now let's imagine that bets are placed on an outsider with a factor of 5. 68.

Also, $ 1 per 100 games is bet. Suppose that only in 25% of cases the weak team will be able to win. It turns out $ 142, and this is not the highest ratio for outsiders.

If you do not like ligastavok, you can put on the sport through the BC



Do you understand the benefits? You also bet, you get less winnings, but they are more voluminous, so you stay in the black. Only absolutely all games do not need such bets.

Bet on outsiders:

  1. When a favorite is overestimated - this happens often, because bookmakers rely on the opinions of customers. Sometimes, through the press and television people are told that the winner will be a certain athlete, they make numerous bets, and the BC reduces the coefficient. That's just to determine such cases is difficult, you need to be a pro.
  2. When not a serious tournament - in friendly matches often win teams that were supposed to lose. This happens for various reasons, the favorite does not spend strength, gives points to the team or even a match is contractual. In serious competitions, there is a desire to become a champion.
  3. When revenge is held - the clear winner in the second meeting of athletes or teams will be the one who won the first meeting. However, there is one nuance. The previous winner may be overly confident of his victory, and the team, which was given a second chance, will take advantage of it, putting maximum effort.
  4. In LIVE mode - you can watch how the favorites lose their positions, and outsiders come forward. Naturally, the odds will change dramatically, but with a small account you can make a profitable bet. Real pros, watching the first few minutes of the game, can already determine how the entire meeting will take place.

Deciding to put, for example, on the Russian national team, when it meets with the Brazilian team, not everyone can.

Naturally, bookmakers will put high odds on Russia, as it will be an outsider. But if this is not a world championship, then anything can happen; loud victories in the history of sports are not uncommon.

4 tips when you need to bet on outsiders

A bet on an outsider in football can make a huge profit , but for this to happen, you have to choose only those matches in which a weak team can really win. Try different tactics, professionals also put on those who have to merge the game.

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