4 slots winners stories

Slot machines on the Internet are considered to be the most unfair game. According to the majority, virtual casinos customize slots so that no one wins.

But if there were no winners, sooner or later, people would understand that this is a scam. Consequently, someone wins, but who?

This article has collected 4 stories of winners in slots that happened to my friends.

In fact, many people share their success, you can find a bunch of reviews online, but not all of them are real. Some come up with winnings from the head.

4 slots winners stories

Playing slots and winning is quite realistic

You can win money in any slot if you choose a proven site with a good reputation. In the field of gambling, I have been spinning for a long time, so my friends use only high-quality casinos.

They won different sums from the set of stories, chose the most interesting ones:

  1. Double Jackpot. One of my acquaintances considered it a real success when the Book Of Ra slot machine won the jackpot. The amount was not very large, amounted to about $ 3000 (for experienced players, the money is not significant).

    The victory did not stop him, he continued to play and caught luck by the tail a second time. The second jackpot was significantly larger (about $ 7,100), and now he is trying to win serious money for the third time before he succeeds.

  2. The Story of a Wife. As the saying goes, husband and wife are one Satan, the next story is proof of that. Our hero together with his wife sat in an online casino and turned the drums. They did it all the time, because the excitement brought pleasure.

    They didn’t even think that they could win almost $ 8,000, but as Michael said later, his eyes doubled when the third identical symbol fell out. They have postponed a prize and have not yet figured out how to use it. For all the time spent in the online casino, the couple did not win more than 30 000 rubles.

  3. To the joy of the grandchildren. Not often there are adults among fans of virtual gambling. The following story happened with a 55 year old casino customer.

    He is a real record holder among my friends, as he won nearly $ 20,000 in slots. Huge money, most of which he spent on gifts for grandchildren. He has four of them, but they are still minors, so expensive toys and trips to the best amusement parks were the best gift for them.

  4. Unexpected victory. The last story today is the most interesting. After reading my article about the casino Treasure Island, a previously unfamiliar user decided to try to take a chance.

    He deposited only $ 10 into the account and immediately went to the slot machines. This is surprising, but the third bet was winning and brought him a gain of 120,000 rubles. So, even with minimal expenses for games, you can quickly replenish your wallet.

It is possible that you will join the ranks of my friends who were able to win in the slots. If there are interesting stories, write to me, I will definitely add them to this page.

4 slots winners stories

Let some continue to accuse online casinos of dishonesty, there are people who have proven that they can win in slots. Why do not you try your luck, maybe the jackpot, too, the chances of all the same.

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