4 services for registration of temporary mail

Email is one of the most popular communication methods. Every experienced user of the Internet has a mailbox, without it, now you don’t even have to register on any site.

Sometimes, a new Email is required, but there is no desire to create it. What to do in this case? Use mail without registration.

How to create a temporary email? Many do not even realize that you can make an electronic box for a short time (for example, an hour).

This is useful when using the best mailers for earnings. For example, you perform a task for registration and do not have to use your regular Email.

4 services for registration of temporary mail

Registration of temporary mail

In general, you do not even need to register, because the services that distribute temporary mailboxes work so well. A good example is the project.

When you go to it, you immediately receive an email box, and you can start using it:

4 services for registration of temporary mail

There are not so many opportunities here, but the box works while your tab is open. Every time you go to it, the data is updated.

In the main menu there is a "Change" button, this allows you to select a beautiful name. This anonymous mail works for free, but some services may not accept it during registration.

Other temporary email services on the Internet

There are several alternative projects where you can get an unlimited number of email addresses in a few seconds.

It is better not to use them to create profiles, since then they will not be able to be restored and access problems may arise. But for earning a job they are perfect. For example, you can subscribe to and quickly register .

Now let's consider several suitable systems so that you have a choice:

  1. is the main advantage of this system, the ability to get a box for an unlimited amount of time. Also, here you can immediately create several Email addresses and use them simultaneously. Security is high, addresses provided are used only once, and attachments in letters are supported.
  2. - without registration, you will receive mail in this system, and for convenient work with it, the developers have created a browser plugin. Initially, the operation time of the box is 10 minutes, but you can press a special button and increase it by another 10 minutes. The button works an unlimited number of times.
  3. is one of the first services offering free anonymous mail. There are no additional functions, after 10 minutes the box is destroyed, but you can create a new one. The system has a significant disadvantage, there are unreadable addresses that are suspicious.
  4. is an overseas project in which it is not possible to create a separate box. It is suitable for those users who want to contact someone, but do not want to open a real address. Here you can choose from 3 to 24 hours and specify your real Email. You will be given a substitute address, and letters from it will automatically be sent to you by mail.

It’s easy to use these services, so we decided not to add instructions for each of them.

4 services for registration of temporary mail

If you were looking for the most reliable and feature-rich mail, it was created by Google. Gmail has hidden features, it is easy to use and emails are processed as quickly as possible.

Use different tricks on the Internet, sometimes it really comes in handy. Just remember that mail is temporary , so it will disappear sooner or later. But you can anonymously communicate with someone and receive letters with a 100% guarantee of protection.

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