4 reasons why Yandex does not index pages

Webmasters' revenues directly depend on how popular their site is and how many people visit it.

The higher the attendance, the more clicks on advertising, the more expensive the selling links, the more referrals and so on. The main source of traffic is search engines, and Yandex is best for collecting RU traffic.

Newbies often wonder why Yandex does not index the site, and there may be several reasons for this.

Taking advantage of the moment, I would like to remind you that there is a service of indexing sites Buydrop, through which it is convenient to add new pages and resources to search engines, but you have to pay a little for this.

4 reasons why Yandex does not index pages

Recently, when a site gets under AGS, pages no longer fly out of the search, puzomerki is reset instead. On many sites it is written that the lack of indexation is associated with filters, but now this information is not relevant.

If you want to understand why Yandex does not index your site, consider the following reasons:

  1. The site is young. Perhaps you just launched the resource, and it just did not have time to go through indexing. On Google, this happens much faster; in Yandex, indexing may take a whole month. Also, you need to add a blog to Yandex and Google using adurulki, otherwise how should search engines find out that a new site has appeared?
  2. Errors on the server. If you have not thought about the choice of high-quality hosting, you may have used the services of non-high-quality hosting. Because of errors on the server, new publications can be indexed for a long time, since the search robot moves to a resource at a certain time, and if at this very moment the site is unavailable, then the page cannot be indexed.
  3. The site is closed from indexing. When developing a site, some webmasters specifically close sites from being indexed, so that at the initial stage they do not accidentally hit the search engines. The easiest way to do this is to put a special code in the Robots file. It is in the root of the site and you need to make sure that there is no such thing in it (just delete the lines):
  4. 4 reasons why Yandex does not index pages

  5. The domain has a bad history. Many domains purchased have an old history, that is, they used to be used for other sites. If the resource fell under the filters or was blocked, then it is quite possible that the domain remained on the “black list” and because of this your site is not indexed. The only way to solve such a problem is to contact Yandex technical support.

In addition to the above, we should not forget that search engines try to provide relevant information to users and struggle with copies, so do not be surprised that your resource is not indexed if you copy information from other sites.

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