4 options where to advertise a blog

The most popular idea to make money on the Internet is to open your own blog. She has already benefited thousands of people, and new sites appear on the Internet every day.

We already told you how to create a blog; some newbies used useful information and launched their resources, but were faced with another problem is attracting visitors.

How to tell everyone about your blog? When you invest a lot of work in the development of the site, after its launch, I want people to come to him and appreciate the work done.

Due to the high competition, it’s not possible to break into the leaders on the search engines , so the first visitors need to be collected in alternative ways.

4 options where to advertise a blog

Where to advertise a blog?

It’s hard to promote young websites to the TOP, but for the time being, many people don’t know about the blog, its popularity will not start to grow. Therefore it is necessary to work hard, so that users switch to the resource, from other sources .

Here are some of the best options you can use:

  1. Tell your friends. Each person has profiles in social networks that can be used as advertising sites. Your friends can be the first visitors of the blog, just tell them about your resource. You can create a community and invite friends there, or you can simply post posts on the wall.
  2. Groups in social networks. Promoted and popular communities that can bring a lot of traffic, while not necessarily be their owner. You should not go down to spam, but you can always find comments with questions for which to advise one of your blog's articles. Choose only thematic groups and do not forget about the discussion.
  3. Ad networks. Paid, but the most effective way to attract people to your blog. Alternatively, you can advertise your site on Workion. At the top of our site is an advertising line. Add there a link to your resource and get views. In addition, advertising can be ordered in specialized services, and.
  4. Subject forums. On forums, you can create themes for free and add not only links to your sites, but also colorful banners. Through search engines, find all the forums with similar topics, and then write quality articles and add links to them. Only in this way your posts will not be deleted by moderators.
4 options where to advertise a blog

If you want to get a lot of visitors with minimal expenses, order the mailing list on Wmmail. For $ 2.5, you will receive 1,000 referrals to your website, and for $ 47, you can buy a wholesale mailing list and get more than 54,000 visits.

It is almost impossible to gather people on your blog right after its creation, since your site has many more well-promoted competitors.

Use alternative traffic sources and if your resource is really interesting, people will return to it and advise other users.

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