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Not so long ago not many Russian-speaking users knew about Instagram. Everybody asserted that this platform was unsuitable for doing business, since there were too few audiences for advertising services on it.

Now Instagram is experiencing the beginning of a rush in business, because the audience here is more “lively” and responsive than in the same “Vkontakte”, and every year it only increases.

Currently on Instagram they earn in the following ways:

  • Provide account promotion services;
  • promote their products / brand / company / website;
  • create thematic public grid for selling advertising;
  • are engaged in traffic arbitration.

Prospects are huge, because you can recruit subscribers using mass-trading, and the restrictions on follow-up here are still rather weak. For example, there is a case when a person received 1.5 million subscribers in six months from 6 thousand rubles of investments, developing his network of accounts, and now sells 6 advertising places per day (the source of the case - https: // vk. Com / instahack? w = page-96867474_49358381).

Next, we will touch on the main stages of website / business promotion on Instagram

Creating an account

At this stage you need to create a name for yourself, a profile description, put a link to your Internet resource ( or on a group in another social network), link your account to Facebook (this is necessary for security), make an original and memorable avatar (which will be noticeable in the search).

4 main stages of business promotion in Instagram - Profit Hunter

Account Filling

Initially, you need to upload at least 12 photos so that your visitors can see the content-filled page in their mobile.

4 main stages of business promotion in Instagram - Profit Hunter

You can add comments to photos, but do not rush to sell immediately. You can show and tell how you run a business, its backstage, some interesting events, the view from the office window, the process of creativity, etc. It is important that the photos are yours: Instagram was conceived as a platform for placing personal photos. It is customary to share their lives, and not to use aggressive advertising. Increase loyalty by talking about yourself and your employees. By the way, you can upload not only images, but also short videos.

4 main stages of business promotion in Instagram - Profit Hunter

Later, you can collect feedback from your customers in this way:

4 main stages of business promotion in Instagram - Profit Hunter

A few words about hashtags. By adding popular Russian tags to the comments on the photo, you get additional traffic from searching Instagram. If you add relevant hashtags, then you get more targeted transitions to your page, which can be converted into subscriptions. You can also set a unique company tag that is not found anywhere else, so that people who are already familiar with your brand can find your publications on this tag in a social network search engine.

Frequency of publications. It is necessary to add 2-3 photos every day, distributing posts evenly, rather than spreading them in batches. There are deferred posting services (for example, Onlypult. Com, SMMplanner, SMMtool), but use them with caution, since Instagram does not encourage their use. For example, not so long ago, users who used Novapress autoposting were blocked. Although with Onlypult. com without problems work large foreign companies.

Creating a list of usernames for the target audience

This user base is necessary for mass-folding. Briefly about what it is. You subscribe to people - they mutually subscribe to you, if you are interested in them (as on Twitter). The better the base for mass-folding, the more people sign up for you.

The base is collected as follows.

  • We are looking for Instagram accounts (blogs of well-known personalities, thematic, blogs of competitors) to which our Central Asia can be subscribed and parse their subscribers using the program;
  • we collect user logins using parsers by geo-location, by hashtags;
  • we discard commercial accounts (by the list of stop words, which can be downloaded here http: // pro-gram. biz / stop% 20slova. docx) using parsers;
  • we eliminate the program of all inactive (those who subscribed more than 3 days ago or those who have not put a single like / comment).

One of the most well-known parser programs is Instatool PRO.

Promotion account

In parallel with the maintenance of your blog, you need to recruit target subscribers. You can do this in several ways.

No. 1 Massfollowing and Mass-Licking (mass likes putting users). This is the cheapest, almost free way to promote. However, it can be attributed to spam, because the developers of Instagram do not welcome this method.

There are limits on the number of actions taken per hour and per day, exceeding which, you can get a ban. The safest way to promote is manual folloking / liking. The alternative is software that imitates a person’s work (i.e.,actions are not performed at equal intervals of time, but randomly). With automatic follow-up, it is important to choose proven software and services: there is a possibility of a ban.

At the moment, there are such daily limits (within the official API):

  • No more than 1000 subscriptions;
  • No more than 1000 likes;
  • No more than 3,000 formal replies;
  • Comments are better not to move, as this is almost 100% banned.
  • When you reach 7000 subscriptions, you will no longer be able to follow users, so you will have to unsubscribe periodically.

It should be noted that Instagram algorithms are constantly improving and becoming more rigid to this kind of cheating. Therefore, it is necessary to try to unwind today (or even yesterday), because it is not known whether you will get this opportunity in the near future.

№2 Contests . The essence of all contests: you promise a prize to your subscribers for telling their subscribers about you. They may mention your company and its unique hashtag in their competitive post and, after earning a certain number of likes, earn a prize.

No. 3 Paid Advertising. You can advertise in star accounts, thematic blogs, blogs of popular users. The main thing is to live there your CA. You are required to select sites and analyze conversions from spent advertising.

As you can see, Instagram promotion is very real and very relevant, especially since there is now quite a lot of useful practical information on this topic in the public domain.

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