4 interesting stories related to the economy

We have all heard about the economy and understand perfectly well that it is on how it works that our standard of living depends.

The Heads of State choose different strategies for running the economy in their countries , and there are many interesting stories related to this trend that occurred in 20th and 21st century.

In this article we collected 4 interesting stories related to the economy. Sometimes, some actions and arguments of rich people are amazing. They make loud statements, adopt absurd laws, act illiterately and draw conclusions about their actions, then they are published by analysts for a long time to come.

4 interesting stories related to the economy

Interesting things from the economic world

Smart people constantly make you think and look at the world with different eyes. An excellent example is the conviction of Harry Truman, who considered experts to those people who are no longer trying to get new knowledge.

As soon as they continue their studies, their status changes. But this is not the most interesting:

  1. Reagan's economic move. You should know this person, because in 1981 he took the chair of the US President. Before that, he was an actor and governor of California. Many still argue about his beliefs, because he solved a serious problem, and his methodology worked for the next few decades.

    He did everything to increase the production of wealth. Reagan was confident that due to this he would force rich people to spend big money and create new jobs. To make people work harder, he cut unemployment benefits for them. Interestingly it turns out, because, in fact, he made the rich even richer, and the poor even poorer.

  2. Cameron's statement. Not so long ago, in 2011, the British Prime Minister announced that his compatriots must repay all credit card debts. Surely, he did it, not realizing it, since the economics savvy experts promised serious problems in this case.

    If people began to reduce their expenses and tried to pay off loans more, demand in the British economy would decline. Advisers to the prime minister quickly convinced him of the stupidity of words and forced him to publicly return his words. Apparently, Cameron has forgotten that the expense of one person is the income of another, this is how the economy works.

  3. Who lives well? Back in 2010, a study was conducted, which found that Monaco was the richest country. Per capita accounted for nearly 200,000 dollars. The second place in terms of average earnings was occupied by Liechtenstein (about $ 135,000).

    There is almost $ 85,000 in Norway, $ 45,000 in the United States, and $ 30,000 in the UK. It is interesting that when considering the global scale, it turns out that every fifth earthling spent about $ 1. 25 per day ($ 456 per year goes).

    Funny money, which is difficult to imagine the life of a modern person. But such calculations were obtained, since the general data were combined with the poorest countries (Congo, Burundi, Liberia, etc.).

  4. Money is happiness. In Russia, most of the population is unhappy, if we assume that money is the main factor for a happy life. In fact, the majority exists, not possessing serious material benefits, and believes that there are a lot of other values.

    Everyone watched the movie "The Matrix", where a group of people tried to fight evil and moved into "our reality." People did not care, they were happy, they solved their problems, they raised children, while Neo fought with agents. In the same way, we also live, not paying attention to the actions of people at the helm.

The economy is connected with the life of every person on our planet. Even if you move to live in the forest and isolate yourself from society, you still have connections. After all, if the economy collapsed or, on the contrary, developed progressively, there would be no free places for singles in the country.

4 interesting stories related to the economy

It is possible that we cannot solve the economic problems in the country, but we can always start from our own budget.
Reasonable savings - a positive impact on your financial condition.

Different events, statistics and comments from people whose activities are related to the economy are pushing for new thoughts. Another food for the brain, which can feed your knowledge and once again review your opinion, is full of stereotypes and common misconceptions in the world.

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