4 best systems for playing roulette

Each virtual casino offers to play roulette, this is the most common form of gambling.

Most newbies think that everything depends on luck in roulette, but the probability of their winnings can be significantly increased if you use the game of roulette.

There are a lot of them, so you can choose the right tactics yourself.

Roulette systems are not difficult to apply, but you need to be careful, because using tricky strategies, your profiles may be blocked. Therefore, in this article we will describe some of the best tactics, as well as present a list of proven casinos, so that you can change services and remain above suspicion.

4 best systems for playing roulette

1. Martingale Without classifying this method of playing a game, the article would not be complete. Everyone knows this tactic, in which each loss is interrupted by a rate increase.

From the start of the game you need to decide on the minimum bet (1 to 100 of the deposit). For example, it can be 20 cents. You bet on the red minimum bet and in case of a loss double it, continuing to bet on the same color. If you lose again, bet already 80 cents, and so on in increments. The most important thing is not to give up and not change color. When you win, you get the money back with a profit in the minimum bet, change the color and start all over again.

4 best systems for playing roulette

2. Biarritz. This is probably the simplest strategy, in which you will need the most patience. The fact is that you will bet on the same number using the same bet.

If the ball falls on the selected number, you win the bet in 36 times the amount, the profit is impressive.
If your number has not dropped out for 36 moves, double the bet and continue to do the same. Sooner or later, the selected window will become a winning one, and you will still receive a prize.

4 best systems for playing roulette

3. Kyuban. Another not complicated roulette game system, in which you will increase the chances of winning, taking up many cells of the field.

In the middle line, almost all the windows are black, so if you put money on the red and middle line, the probability of winning increases. Many attentive players have noticed the use of this strategy, it is very popular:

4 best systems for playing roulette

4. Five out of six. Do you want the chances of your victory to increase to 85%, and the casino has only 15% left? Then use this strategy.

Its essence lies in setting bets on 85% of the playing field windows. You will need to make 5 bets on different blocks with 6 windows. In this case, the win multiplies the amount by 6, and you bet 5 identical bets, so the balance increases by one bet:

4 best systems for playing roulette

Using tactics, try to do everything so that you do not what is not suspected. For this, deliberately lose small amounts and make big bets tricky. Also, periodically change the virtual casino, the choice in this niche is quite wide.

Winning roulette systems do not give guaranteed winnings, but when using them, your chances of becoming a winner increase.

The most important thing is not to show emotions and try to act in such a way that the casino owners will not notice anything. Having played at least half of your starting capital, it is better to put money on the withdrawal.

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