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Entrepreneurial activity on the Internet is developing at a serious pace, and we can all observe how new online stores are emerging.

It’s much easier to become a store owner, because you need less start-up capital, and you have to pay less for renting rooms (store, warehouse).

People’s interest in opening a virtual store is increasing, so we decided to create 31 tips for online store owners.

It is extremely difficult to accompany such a business , and the company's success directly depends on the number of sales. Therefore, tips for online store will definitely come in handy.

31 tips for online store owners | Workion. ru

Tips for the online store

  • on the main page of the site be sure to add a block with the most popular products;
  • conduct polls and find out opinion of your customers to improve the service;
  • treat each customer as a regular customer, create a database;
  • use Email distribution and request an email address from all customers;
  • periodically promotions and contests to increase customer interest;
  • add detailed reviews and videos;
  • focus on a wide geo-location than more regions, the more potential customers;
  • making the structure of the site, do not use complex schemes;
  • sort the store categories by popularity;
  • actively engage in branding of your company;
  • go deep into SEO and hire competent optimizers;
  • follow the activities of competitors and their methods of work;
  • make a search on your site convenient (tips, query refinements);
  • when adding photos to products, be sure to use high-quality photos;
  • for each product make a separate text new description;
  • be sure to add full delivery information;
  • encourage users who leave high-quality reviews;
  • give users the ability to log in via social networks;
  • provide complete information on guarantees and returns;
  • think carefully about the navigation and highlight the main interface buttons;
  • if the user did not find the product through a search, make sure that the relevant goods were presented to him;
  • Try to connect as many ways as possible for opla you;
  • on the site add the page "About the store" and fill it with interesting information;
  • run the bonus system (for example, free delivery for an invited client);
  • use WordStat and look for popular requests for promotion;
  • look in the statistics as often as possible and plan further actions based on the data;
  • make active investments in advertising and traffic attraction;
  • study marketing or engage advertising specialist;
  • use landing pages to increase conversion;
  • follow modern trends ntsiyami and offer customers relevant goods;
  • run internet stock limited time on trend products.

All these tips for an online store will be useful to their owners. If you have just begun the path to success, we also recommend that you read our articles about 6 secrets of successful online stores and how to increase sales in the online store.

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