3 ways to earn $ 1000 Vkontakte

You won’t make a lot of money in social networks, many newbies doomedly say, but they are wrong.

Many have already begun to allocate decent revenues through popular networks. Simple earnings in social. networks to this can also be attributed, although it is not so profitable. However, there are options that bring serious money.

How to earn $ 1000 Vkontakte? To collect such an amount, you have to work hard. Naturally, all the options for getting this money, one way or another, are associated with the promotion of the community.

Therefore, do not tighten up and start several groups at once right now. It’s free, and you don’t even have to worry about filling it.

3 ways to earn $ 1000 Vkontakte

The easiest way to immediately get a decent income is to create a group and pay money for its promotion.

A good option, but due to mandatory spending, it suits only a few. Perhaps you need a cheap promotion in the social. networks. Do not be afraid to spend money, this is a profitable investment in your future.

And when the community becomes popular, it can be monetized in the following ways:

1. Partnership programs. First of all, you need to think about using affiliate programs. You will receive money not for advertising, but for sales.

The more of them, the higher the profit, so you have to competently arrange a post. To find suitable products, use. There you can find a lot of actual and unusual products that are ideal for advertising Vkontakte:

3 ways to earn $ 1000 Vkontakte

With each sale of the game console, a client from Russia, Kazakhstan or Belarus will receive your account money. The commission varies from 574 rubles to 654 rubles.

To earn $ 1000, you have to attract a lot of customers. Look for a product that may be of interest to your target audience, then there will be a lot of sales.

2. Advertising in the group. Even large companies buy advertising on social networks, as groups gather the target audience they need.

It is possible to receive decent money through the official advertising exchange, because the prices for advertising posts in popular public are quite high. Here are some excellent examples to strive for:

3 ways to earn $ 1000 Vkontakte

The first in the list is the VO group, where an advertising post costs 22,000 rubles. Of course, part of this money is charged as a commission, but the community owner still earns a good amount.

It is enough for him to place 2-4 advertisements on the wall of his site to get $ 1000, each user has the same chance.

3. Selling links. With groups in social networks, links have been selling for a long time, because they can also have PR.

One of the systems in which such sites are accepted as donors is. After connecting the community in your profile, you will receive assignments:

3 ways to earn $ 1000 Vkontakte

In order to receive as many offers as possible, you need to be active and send applications.

You can add as many communities as you like, on any topic and with the number of participants from 1000. Most importantly, the activity should be high (comments, likes, reposts). For this you will need wrap in social. networks.

How much can you earn by selling links from the Vkontakte group? Let's look at a specific example:

3 ways to earn $ 1000 Vkontakte

Card of one of the users, where it can be seen that he has already posted 804 publications and takes from 15 to 100 rubles for each post. Even if you count on an average indicator (50 rubles per post), it turns out 40,200 rubles. This is only from one group, in which only 47,000 subscribers.

It is quite possible to earn $ 1000 through Vkontakte, but you cannot do without creating a group. If you like this method, and you are ready to get down to business, go to the page with detailed instructions on how to create a Vkontakte group.

The most important thing is not to rush into earnings, you first need to promote the community well, otherwise people will scatter because of advertising.

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