3 stories of successful Bitcoin earnings in Russia

Cryptocurrencies remain relevant and interesting in terms of investment. Many people have already set up their prey, although the most enterprising create companies associated with this area.

We already told you about Bitcoin earnings, it’s not that difficult, but it’s not a lot of money on simple methods lift it up.

How do Russians earn bitcoins? Most of them use all sorts of cranes (making money on mining with Minergate), but there are also those who have managed to achieve significant success.

In this article several stories will be presented, they should become an example for you. Russian businessmen have achieved tremendous success at the expense of cryptocurrency.

3 stories of successful Bitcoin earnings in Russia

In order to join the ranks of millionaires who have earned money on Bitcoins, they will have to learn a lot. Over the past few years, the rate of this cryptocurrency has changed a lot, because in 2008 it is worth a cent, and in 2013 it is already $ 1000. Although in the same year there was a decline, then they offered $ 400 per bitcoin.

Now the picture has changed a little, the course is floating, at the moment it is $ 413. It is difficult to say what will happen with this e-currency in the future, but after studying the stories of successful people, you will understand that you need to contact this money:

1. Bitcoin production plant. In a different way, you will not name what George Basiladze and Dmitry Gunyashev have implemented.

In 2014, they found an abandoned factory in St. Petersburg and decided to turn it into a farm for raising money. For this equipment was purchased for 2 million rubles, and recaptured twice as much. They created 18 farms with a bunch of video cards, but they also had to go on larger farms.

The founders were well aware that in Russia it is not so profitable to engage in mining, as in China the prices for electricity are lower and it is easy to find chips that replace conventional video cards for mining.

When the bitcoin rate sank, it became unprofitable to keep the farms, so they sold all the assets and invested in a new project for acquiring bitcoin settlements (to sell them in the EU).

The Cryptopay project is called, foreign clients download the application to a mobile device and easily exchange Bitcoin, giving 1% to developers.

The company does not work on the territory of Russia, as the law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation tightly took on cryptocurrency. But given that in 2015 Gunyashev moved to live in London, he does not care.

As he said, the problems were only with the banks, who could not understand what his company was doing.

3 stories of successful Bitcoin earnings in Russia

2. Exchange for trading Bitcoins. It was discovered by Bragin, after he earned only 1 Bitcoin and waited for the growth of his course.

To organize his business, he had to borrow $ 100,000 for the implementation of the ICBIT project. The exchange is the only place where trade is carried out derived from cryptocurrency, it is its main difference.

At the moment, the company has a staff of only 8 people, and over 15,000 traders are engaged in bidding through it.

For users mining Bitcoins, such an exchange is also an indispensable tool for increasing security. A small commission of 0.0001 - 0.0003 Bitcoin is charged for contracts.

Bragin fully repaid the debt in 2012 and often says that his project brings a lot of money.

To continue the development, ongoing negotiations are held with various foreign funds. While the project is a monopolist, but Bitcoinica analogue appeared, coming on its heels.

3 stories of successful Bitcoin earnings in Russia

3. Mutual fund with bitcoins. You may have heard about the hedge fund Global Hedge, which appeared in 2007, but quickly ceased to exist.

Its creators did not despair and achieved success using their experience. An open Bitcoin Fund led them to make a lot of money, but due to problems with official registration, it was launched only in 2011.

After they managed to find a bank in which it was possible to open an account for Bitcoins, active work began. The scheme of the fund is extremely simple, investors buy shares that are equivalent to one BTC. Money is used for trading, and the commission is only 1. 75% per year .

The organizers have repeatedly told that they had to seriously invest in the business, but it paid off. Before the Bitkion rate rose to $ 1000 apiece, 94,000 Bitcoins were in their fund.

When the price of cryptocurrency increased, it was immediately sold ( only 12,000 BTC remained). Due to this, the company's capital has grown to $ 18 million.

Cryptocurrencies are indeed an actual type of money that is actively used on the Internet.

Think about what you could offer people if you are willing to invest well. Just be careful and consider options for going beyond the Russian Federation, as in our homeland laws limit the possibilities.

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