3 sites for cheating votes Vkontakte

Vkontakte is an internal currency called Voices. It comes in handy for various purposes, starting from receiving bonuses in games, ending with the launch of advertising.

So that our readers do not overpay for this currency, we have already told you where to buy Vkontakte’s voices cheaply, but you can do without costs.

How to get Vkontakte votes for free? There are several systems where various points are awarded for various points, which are then exchanged for the currency of the social network.

Some of them were presented in the article about free votes on Vkontakte, and now we will tell about several analogues.

3 sites for cheating votes Vkontakte

Cheat Vkontakte votes for free

On each of the sites below, you will need to perform tasks. They can be associated with cheating on social networks, games on mobile devices and so on.

Most importantly, the output by Vkontakte votes is available to them:

. A popular service, as fans of online games actively earn through it.

Here, picks are given for fulfilling orders, and then they can be exchanged for in-game currency. To display 1 vote, you need to dial 70 riches. How many tasks do you need to do? Only one task can bring more than 1 vote :

3 sites for cheating votes Vkontakte

Nothing complicated, you pass levels in games, join groups, install mobile applications. Richiki is charged for all this, and having collected only 70 units of this currency, you can order a transfer. The riks are automatically translated into voices, it remains only to specify the address of the page for translation.

List of services we have built from the best projects to less interesting ones. More and easier to get votes on Gamer. cash , since there are always a lot of orders and rewards for them are decent.

Voices online free of charge from Roboliker

There is another great project where VK votes are earned. All tasks are performed through profiles in social networks. At the moment, these are instructions on Vkontakte and Instagram. For their execution, coins come to the balance, they are exchanged for votes or real money:

3 sites for cheating votes Vkontakte

It is not hard to complete tasks, but not so much coins are given for them. To withdraw 10 rubles, you need to collect 1100 coins. To order 1 vote, you need to accumulate at least 300 coins. There are 3 ways available in the withdrawal section:

3 sites for cheating votes Vkontakte

The best way to collect a lot of coins on the balance sheet is to invite new members. A link for invitations is available in your account, send it to anyone and get 30 coins each (you and your referral). If he completes another 25 tasks, another 100 coins will be added. This service even has a mobile application:

3 sites for cheating votes Vkontakte

With it, you can earn coins and spend them, directly from your phone. Delays in payments by votes are periodically noticed, but in general the system is proven, the money earned is transferred to users.

Many users have already gained a huge number of votes using these and other services. In addition to using the internal currency of Vkontakte, it is also useful for earning. To sell votes, complete the tasks on Wmmail and get about 3 rubles for each of them.

How to get votes for free?

Newbies are afraid to use third-party services, so special offers of Vkontakte attract more attention. In a social network, advertisers hold different promotions and pay directly by vote. To go to the tasks, you need to go to recharge on your page:

3 sites for cheating votes Vkontakte

Users are offered several ways to recharge. Below we look at ways to get free votes in which electronic money is earned. Now consider the special offers:

3 sites for cheating votes Vkontakte

you may be asked to place an order, watch a video, take part in a competition, play a game, and so on. Sometimes there are tasks just for joining groups of large companies:

3 sites for cheating votes Vkontakte

The main plus, orders are added only from trusted advertisers. You will not encounter deception, but voices are automatically credited after all actions are performed. There are descriptions in each order:

3 sites for cheating votes Vkontakte

Difficult tasks are performed for a long time, it is better to catch orders for joining groups. I managed to collect 8 votes by joining 4 communities of large companies:

3 sites for cheating votes Vkontakte

Pay more for online games, but how long it takes to complete several levels and pump, and usually advertiser requirements.

Tips for special offers on Vkontakte

This is the most convenient way to get free VC votes, but promotions are held not often. Not all advertisers are allowed to use this, this is the main problem. If you decide to apply this method, the following recommendations will come in handy:

  • The list of tasks is updated, depending on the city in the profile. Try to change it, choose large settlements, then there will be more offers;
  • note, on new pages or when changing cities, the list of tasks will be empty at first. You need to wait about a month for orders to start appearing;
  • experienced users note that the number of tasks is influenced by the page's age and the number of friends;
  • tasks are updated at 00:00 Moscow time, try to enter and check the instructions at this particular time.

To collect more votes, try to fulfill orders from other pages or ask your friends to do the work, and then give you free VC votes:

3 sites for cheating votes Vkontakte

Co special offers are the easiest way to receive the currency of a social network; you do not need to open any wallets and use third-party resources. But you won't get a lot of votes this way.

Free Vkontakte voices on mailers

Clicking sponsors are used for the simplest earning real money on the Internet. Voices in the VC can be bought for QIWI, Webmoney and other virtual currency. On the books for this it is proposed to perform the simplest orders. In addition to working in social networks, they offer registration, voting and much more:

3 sites for cheating votes Vkontakte

Use the best mailers for this kind of work. For example, you can collect 70 rubles in a couple of hours, and for this money you can buy 10 votes. There is an easier way to immediately get votes without opening an e-wallet.

First, you also need to earn money, and then run your task for buying votes. Offer the performers 3 rubles for a vote transfer, many will agree to the following conditions:

3 sites for cheating votes Vkontakte

This is an example of such a task, one of the advertisers receives votes of 3 rubles each and asks for a transfer time in the report ID and last name. After checking the information, he decides to pay for the execution or not. That is, first receives votes, and only then pays, everything is safe.

Clicking sponsors will first come in handy for making money from scratch, and then for collecting votes at the lowest price. At the same time, you don’t have to invest anything, because first you complete other people's orders and get money for it on the balance.

Free VC votes for winnings in competitions

For promotional purposes, various contests and promotions are held via social networks. Not so often, but they offer winners free voices. Of course, this is not what you call wages, because besides the fact that draws are held not often, it’s not a fact that you are the winner. You need to search for contests in special groups:

3 sites for cheating votes Vkontakte

Choose TOP communities, in which reports are published on the walls that the winners actually get votes. Some hold such actions, just to attract attention, and the voices do not charge anyone at all or create a fake page for this.

Applications to wind up Vkontakte’s voices quickly

Newbies are still interested in social networking applications that distribute votes. Unfortunately, I can’t submit a list of them, because most of these applications give out votes only after launch. When a lot of participants are recruited, the voice output function closes so as not to waste extra money.

Therefore, you have to use new applications and constantly search for relevant information. It is also worth mentioning about programs that supposedly help to wind up Vkontakte’s voices. This is a scam, such software does not exist, do not install any bots, it is useless.

It is easiest to dial free voices through VK special offers, but you won't get much by this method. On the postal system the most profitable scheme, but a little confused Spend a couple of hours to make money in bucks and run your task. By 3 rubles you will not find a voice anywhere else.

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