3 problems faced by lenders

The scope of online loans continues to grow rapidly, and users not only apply for e-loans, but also try to make money on it. To place an application for a loan, there are several services (, Debt. Wmtransfer. Com), but in no project will they give you 100% that the money will be returned.

In the article How to make money on Webmoney loans, we told you about how to properly assess the borrower, but unfortunately there are situations when even a thorough check may not help . What problems do lenders face? In fact, a lot of them, but we analyze the most common.

3 problems faced by lenders

Credit may not return

  1. Good reputation. When a request for a loan is issued or a trust limit is opened, the user's reputation is assessed first. It is possible that you have found a lender on any forum or website, where he may also have an impeccable reputation, but this does not mean that he is a solvent borrower. To make more correct conclusions, ask the sources of its income. Screenshots of payments from advertising services, which show that the user has earned 500-800 rubles, this does not mean anything, and before you give a loan, you need to make sure of solvency.
  2. Place of work. In some cases, even a stable salary and representation of the workplace may not be a guarantee of stability. For example, some lenders face problems when they see a website (for example, an SEO company) and need money to develop a project. At first glance, it seems that it is possible to provide a loan, but you need to consider how much this site works and be sure to find out about the company. There have already been cases when a borrower explained his insolvency by refusing clients to pay for his services. Of course, lenders do not care about his problems, but you want to return the money, so you have to either wait or sell debts on the relevant stock exchanges or go to court.
  3. Set percent. By setting interest rates on their loans, many lenders doubt and hesitantly set underpriced or undervalued interest. What is their problem? The fact that they are not able to competently assess the situation and, in some cases, when dealing with a potential borrower, is simply lost. Let the borrower take a loan not for the first time, let him have a solid website and many other advantages, this is a business and a decrease in interest on a loan is a direct loss of profit for you.

3 problems faced by lenders

Besides these problems, there are many others, such as difficulties with payment systems, shadow loans (when a borrower takes money from several individuals or organizations at once), fake data wallets and so on.

Frankly, cash deposits in the distribution of loans is a very risky business , and it is 100% impossible to be sure that the money will turn out to be returned.

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