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The number of beginning bloggers is increasing at a tremendous pace, because more and more people decide to start making money online and choose to develop their own site.

Yes, this is a great option, but you should always remember that while you are a beginner, as good as professionals, your business will not go.

Only by getting a certain experience, you can run your blog more efficiently and count on tremendous results. We have made 3 lessons for novice bloggers who will consecrate the most important points.

Quite often, after the start, newcomers give up their projects because they cannot be developed, and this happens because of a lack of knowledge.

3 lessons for novice bloggers | Workion. ru

Lessons for the novice blogger

  1. Starting is the most difficult. Having launched your own website, you will have to work for a long time and work hard to compete with existing sites. How long it will take you only to develop the site is difficult to say, but for development it will take at least 6-12 months.

    During this time, you will constantly invest in your work, and you will receive almost no return. It is important to understand that a successful blog is not a one-time payment or labor, but an investment of your money and labor.

    It is impossible to promote the project for a day, a week or even a month, so before launching the site, you need to ask yourself if I’m ready to work without getting a return for a long time?

  2. Content is the most important thing. The information provided on the blog is the most important factor influencing its promotion. If the articles are unique, optimized and interesting, they will attract the attention of users, and this will affect your position in search engines.

    You need to strive to improve both indicators. Many beginners forget about search engines or vice versa, about readers, so their projects are filled with either uninteresting materials or insufficiently optimized texts. Discard the goal of "Make a lot of money from the site" or "Make it popular", set the goal of "Write a lot of high-quality content" and the rest will come by itself.

  3. Links are the most useful. To bring the blog to a high level, you will need to seriously work to increase its popularity. It doesn’t matter if you’ll “fill in” the popularity of your name or the name of the project, links for this will be useful for you. Even communicating with other bloggers, you can secure traffic exchanges.

3 lessons for novice bloggers | Workion. ru

Be open to everyone, chat on subject forums, join blogger communities, post comments in your project, and so on. The more often you meet new people, the more useful connections you will have.

While there is no experience in some business, you can make a lot of mistakes and, without observing the results, simply refuse to continue working. Beginners, take your time, engage in theoretical training, it is useful.

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