3 important points of earnings on the axle boxes will help increase income

After the dollar exchange rate has changed dramatically against the ruble, it has become even more profitable to make money on popular clicks sponsors.

Wmmail is paid in dollars , and recently it has been charged at Seosprint and now the performers get more money by doing the cheapest tasks.

There are 3 important points for making money on the axle boxes, which everyone who decides to work with mailers needs to know about.

Newbies sometimes can’t figure out what the advertiser requires of them. For example, clearing cookies or changing IPs can be too complicated, so you need to deal with these issues in advance.

3 important points of earnings on the axle boxes will help increase income

Assistance in performing tasks in boxes

Now we will consider each of these moments so that novice performers do not have to give up profitable tasks:

1. Cleaning Cookies. By visiting different sites and performing referral links, data is saved on your computer. When you re-enter a resource, cookies direct you to the address that was used before.

In order not to register by mistake for someone else’s link, advertisers are often asked to clean temporary files before completing the task.

2. Change IP address. The following frequent advertiser requirement, which is also easy to fulfill. You can connect to the Internet from different ip addresses, and when performing tasks, this is required in order to prevent tracing. Most often, a change of IP is required when re-doing one job.

Beginners remove from the list of favorite tasks all orders that require changing the address, but this is not difficult, read the instructions on how to log in using another ip.

3 important points of earnings on the axle boxes will help increase income

3. Create screenshots. Some do not even know what a screenshot is, not to mention creating them. A screenshot is a snapshot of your screen. You can make it on any computer, and in order not to spend a lot of time creating these pictures, use the program screenshots in Yandex Disk. Also convenient work with screenshots is available through the Joxi plugin.

If you decide to earn extra money on mailers, be sure to use our tips. Do not refuse to perform profitable tasks, better understand everything and earn. In conclusion, we advise you to pay attention to the game with the withdrawal of money, this is a great way to scroll through the money earned in the boxes.


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