3 important behavioral factors and their influence on ranking - Profit Hunter

3 important behavioral factors and their influence on ranking - Profit Hunter Content

  1. CTR, or click-through rate
  2. Return to the results of the output
  3. Time spent on the site
  4. Conclusion

Even if you carefully select the semantic core, optimize the content for queries and choose only high-quality donor links, do not lose sight of another "mystical" ranking factor - behavioral. Obviously, he can raise the position of the site in the issuance.

Google has repeatedly and unequivocally stated that the behavior of the user who is looking for information in the PS affects the ranking, and not only. In general, improving this factor improves the quality of the site itself, and, consequently, your profit. Moreover, if quite a few pages have good PF, Google can mark this and improve the position of most of the site. However, the deterioration of user behavior leads to sad consequences. Even if some pages have low rates compared to competing resources, search engines can pessimize other pages, and even the entire site.

We present here several PF metrics that must be taken into account in order to improve the visibility in the output.

CTR, or click-through rate

CTR is the clickability of the snippet in the output. In other words, this is the ratio of the number of users in a search engine to the number of clicks on the link leading from SERP to a page on your site.

There is no common, well-defined CTR for all sites, but Google expects it to fall within certain limits set for certain types of requests. For example, for branded keywords that have reached the TOP of the issue, the CTR should be about 50 percent. For non-branded requests in the first place of the TOP, it is usually about 33%, 15% for the 2nd and 10% for the 3rd place in the issue. If the pages fall out of this range of values, even if the index is higher, the search engine can reconsider the position of the site.

How to improve CTR

  • Use Google and Yandex analytics tools to track pages that have a low CTR and focus on their optimization.
  • Make sure that page titles and meta descriptions meet specifications. Eliminate duplicate meta tags on pages and optimize them for necessary requests.
  • Make the URLs understandable and easy to read. Use bread crumbs that help determine the place of the page in the hierarchical structure of the site
  • Include a powerful call to action in the meta description. Tell people searching for information on a particular request how valuable your page is to them.

3 important behavioral factors and their influence on ranking - Profit Hunter

Returning to the results of the issue

If a person who is looking for an answer to his question quickly leaves the page back to the results of the issue, then this action is indicator of poor quality content. If users often return to the search after a quick scan of the page, then this may serve as a signal to lower the position of the site on a particular request.

How to reduce this indicator

  • Increase the speed of loading pages.
  • Remove or reduce annoying ads and pop-ups.
  • Add site search. If the search result does not satisfy the person, he can continue it already inside the site.

The time spent on the site

3 important behavioral factors and their influence on ranking - Profit Hunter The time spent on the site is the interval between clicking on the link to the page of your site in the issue and returning to the search results. The more this indicator, the better: it serves as an indicator of the value of content for targeted visitors. The ideal case is when the user immediately gets to the right page and finds exactly the information he was looking for.

How to improve the duration of a visitor’s visit to the site

  • Use tools like WebSite Auditor to check the pages for broken links, delete or fix them.
  • Improve content quality. Make sure that each page has a high uniqueness and fully discloses the essence of the information that is contained in the meta description.
  • Create content pages that are targeted to specific tasks. Take one request, consider it as the first step leading to the task. Provide the user with several pages that guide him through all these steps.
  • Make the visitor stay on the site, offering additional information on the links. For example, on commercial resources, the Similar Products block calls for further study of the range and forces a person to stay, even if the landing page from the search results did not meet his expectations.


It is important to use “white” SEO optimization techniques, since they are the ones that lead to the improvement of behavioral factors. "Black" methods of increasing this indicator, such as artificially increasing the time spent on the site (see cheat behavioral factors), are considered risky. The only way to optimize the PF is to focus on how to help users find the right information on your site.

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