3 arguments in favor of paper money

Watching current trends, many people have the feeling that very soon people will no longer carry real wallets with them.

Now you can take a card or even a mobile device with you to pay in real stores and other places .

When will electronic money be replaced by paper money? It may seem surprising, but never.

At least in the near future this will not happen, because real money has a number of advantages. Although the development of e-commerce is now progressive, even after 30 years, real banknotes will still be used.

3 arguments in favor of paper money

Experienced experts are confident in the long-term existence and high demand for real bills. In their opinion, virtual and real money can exist peacefully.

When there is a choice, people are much more comfortable. In theory, there are no prerequisites for electronic money to replace paper currency, and there are several reasons for this:

  1. Currency stability - these are courses and that when in your pocket there is cash, you feel calmer. Take the same Bitcoin cryptocurrency, which promised a great future. From year to year its course falls and rises. In addition, it is better to keep money in your hands than on some accounts "somewhere out there."
  2. Anonymity of payments - payment systems are required to collect information about their customers. When you need to transfer money to someone without any confirmation, cash is the only option. There are many situations in our life when only real money can be used.
  3. Use scales - while electronic money is not accepted everywhere, and sometimes the terminal simply does not work in stores, so you always have to keep cash in your pocket. Even if they start accepting cards everywhere, you can’t count on the equipment, it sometimes fails.

Real and virtual money has its pros and cons. It is impossible to pay in bills in the online store, and if you accidentally enter a remote village, a plastic card is unlikely to be useful to you. Therefore, both types of money will remain in use, and they will continue to be used together.

3 arguments in favor of paper money

Why do people think paper money will disappear?

This is what real progress in E-commerce pushes on such thoughts . In large cities, you can do without a wallet, you can always find a terminal or pay on a card. Virtual currency has opened up a bunch of new opportunities for us, and one of them is a remote part-time job.

In the 90s, the Internet was allowed to be used for commercial purposes and several years after that, websites appeared where it was possible to pay on the card.

Now this does not surprise anyone, people use online shopping, because it is convenient and profitable. On the same, you can buy different things at a reduced price.

As for the side job, it became accessible to absolutely everyone. Electronic money can be obtained even for writing comments and likes on social networks.

For this, services such as and were created. There, people order all kinds of cheatings, as an underworking option is excellent:

3 arguments in favor of paper money

More experienced users have already replaced real work with virtual . As well as in ordinary life, you can work, just do not have to leave the house.

If you want to find a permanent job on the Internet, look for offers on the exchange. This freelance exchange is filled with orders every day:

3 arguments in favor of paper money

For the work done on the Internet, users receive money for e-wallets. Most often used payment Webmoney, so if you decide to earn extra money online, you will definitely need to register Webmoney.

Want to get a lot and spend the least amount of time? Start playing at

, this is a reliable investment project.

Every year it becomes clear that virtual money technologies are developing and squeezing out paper money.

However, it will never be possible to completely remove them from the markets. Banknotes will be used for a long time, until a universal technology appears, combining both directions.

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