2nd month - Profit Hunter

A little more than two months ago, a transparent experiment was launched to promote one client site. After the internal optimization of the site, the necessary requests were determined and the site was connected to the SAP Webeffector . The results after the first month of promotion can be seen in the first article of the experiment.

The second month has passed. What is the current position dynamics? Let's look at the results of the promotion provided by Webeffector. I will note at once that these results can be considered intermediate, since it takes more than 3 months for a more significant effect. I quote a table:

Keyword Budget Recommended Budget Positions are now (I / G)
Kislovodsk City Sanatorium 50 50 33/23
Kislovodsk health resorts 3000 55400 9/12
prices at Kislovodsk sanatoriums 50 50 9/16
Kislovodsk Central military sanatorium 200 200 19/10
Kislovodsk sanatorium prices 2011 50 50 9/7
sanatoria in Kislovodsk prices 50 50 26/11
Last minute trips to Kislovodsk sanatorium 50 50 3/15
sanatorium ray of sour Ovodsk official site 50 50 11/7
the best sanatoriums of Kislovodsk 200 200 21/16
sanatorium of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Kislovodsk 50 50 5/6

The situation with the first query, to be honest, surprised me. The issue was not the page that was a month ago on this request. Accordingly, the position has been lowered. And now it seems like there is a “flashing”. The page then appears in the top, then disappears. .

Requests then fall, then rise in positions. Two requests that were for the 100th position rose almost to the TOP10.

Is it possible, comparing both tables, to say that there is an increase? In general, yes. But some requests are tricky.

Now about what chips I found in Webeffector :

  • A bunch of GoGetLinks and Miralinks. As for me, these are the only link exchanges that deserve attention. The commission of the system when buying auto from 5%, which is also not much.
  • New feature for aggregators: traffic promotion or pay for clicks from search engines . Promotion team Webeffector takes over. You just have time to replenish the account. By the way, at the moment, even the initial payment is not required.

A bit about traffic promotion. This is essentially a payment for traffic - a type of promotion, where you do not pay for the purchased links, and pay only for incoming visitors to your site. In drawing up the semantic core for traffic promotion, emphasis is placed on a large number of low-frequency words, which ensures the maximum number of targeted visitors. You can influence the price for the transition by completing the free recommendations of the system.

And one more thing. By registering on this link, you will also receive advice from me, if such is required.

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