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Every entrepreneur engaged in trading on the Internet is interested in the maximum number of deals to be made. There are many ways to make online business more profitable, as well as increase the number of sales.

Our blog already has an article about 10 alternative ways to increase sales, which presented original ideas for growth in sales In this article, we will present 24 methods of increasing sales, which should also help each entrepreneur to achieve higher profits from their activities.

24 methods to increase sales | Workion. ru

Effective methods for increasing sales

  • make each offer unique and add additional products and services to it;
  • for each product version "fully loaded", so that buyers can purchase multiple products at a discount;
  • as they receive feedback, try to publish them as soon as possible;
  • do not support only potential customers , but also those who have already made purchases from you;
  • to communicate with customers, use various means of communication and. For example, besides Email, you can call them on your mobile or send SMS messages;
  • the most active customers must be encouraged by various bonuses. For example, you can run a system of accumulated discounts;
  • payment acceptance should be convenient, so use all available payment options;
  • collect your customers in a community. For example, this could be a thematic forum;
  • in some cases, sales can be increased by launching narrowly themed products;
  • experimenting with increasing and decreasing prices;
  • systematically carry out activities for customers, for example, run webinars;
  • attract partners and organize joint sales on mutually beneficial terms;
  • develop several products that will be distributed free of charge to attract potential customers;
  • be sure to submit buyers detailed inst instructions on the use of the proposed product;
  • try to become "your" for customers, study their opinions and find out what your customers think;
  • when describing products, use different content formats, dilute textual reviews with videos or photo galleries;
  • as often as possible try to “light up” in the media;
  • try to apply different business strategies (experiment);
  • after the purchase, your customer must be sent to the thank-you page;
  • to expand the range offers, use affiliate programs of other entrepreneurs;
  • use as many sources of traffic as possible and do not skimp on advertising;
  • use thematic blogs to spread advertising;
  • keep your own blog or even news feed;
  • organize responsive technical support and help your customers if necessary.

24 methods to increase sales | Workion. ru

Only a small percentage of those who try to do it can build a successful online business. Your prospects depend only on you , the more effort you spend on developing your business, the better it will affect business development.

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