20 tips for making selling videos

In the Internet era, it’s just silly not to use the world wide web for advertising purposes. Every entrepreneur understands this, so there is so much advertising on the net.

Some even go down to spam, but this method does not lead to effective customer acquisition. What works better? Video advertising.

Advertising videos are constantly being created, but even here mistakes are made. When recording clips, you need to take into account a lot of small things, otherwise the video will not affect the interest of potential customers.

Want your videos to help boost sales? Then you will need 20 tips on creating a selling video.

20 tips for making selling videos

Marketing videos is the most powerful marketing tool

Many people think that contextual advertising for business is the best option, but this is not always the case.

Of course, the development of any video should be done by a professional. Without some knowledge in this area can not do, but to study for a long time to record just one video is not necessary.

You can always turn to professionals on freelance exchanges. For example, there are experts from this area:

20 tips for making selling videos

Many freelancers are now doing this, but do not order this kind of work from the first editor.

Carefully study its portfolio and reviews, cooperate only through exchanges, discuss all the details and requirements, not forgetting to compare prices, as some professionals take too much.

Internet visitors like to watch videos, not read, and videos also convey more information. If you decide to buy a selling video or create it yourself , do not forget about the important points:

  1. The video should evoke positive emotions, therefore you need to add something “light” to it. A great example is a beautiful smile, which has a viewer.
  2. Creative and non-standard videos always get more views. Be bold, implement the most unusual idea, the video may become viral.
  3. Before recording a video, determine your target audience. Who exactly will watch it? Gather audience information to think about the idea.
  4. In the intro of the video you need to add information that will force people to watch it to the end. Intrigue the potential customer.
  5. Remember, the most viewed videos get from 1 to 3 minutes.
  6. It will not be superfluous to add a welcome image to the video. Learn how to make a screensaver for YouTube videos and use branding.
  7. Your video should not be just advertising, it should be useful, so think carefully about what new information to convey to the viewer.
  8. Present the result, i.e., what will happen in a person's life after he takes advantage of the offer. Explain customer benefits.
  9. Do not create a "on the knee" video. Think over every little thing and make a full script.
  10. No wonder, make a simple but effective video. The easier it is for the viewer to grasp the information, the better he will remember what he saw.
  11. Use common problems and help solve them. "Tired all the time to look for clothes 2 sizes larger?", "Do you want to work, but there is no time?" and so on.
  12. There may be a lot of interesting things in your video, but how does the viewer guess this? At the very beginning tell us briefly what will be presented in the video.
  13. Make a good review of your product. Show it from all sides, help the potential buyer to "touch" the product.
  14. Leave the customer a choice, for example, "You can buy from us and use 10 years or buy elsewhere and come to us for a new product in a year."
  15. If the price appears in the video, it should be explained. For example, "You will pay 10,000 for the phone, and as a gift you will receive a case, a headset and 4 years warranty."
  16. To motivate people, offer them gifts. Read more about this in the article How to give away free and rich.
  17. The client must be sure that you offer him a high-quality product, therefore provide guarantees and leave the possibility to return the money.
  18. The video must have clear instructions on what actions must be taken to place an order.
  19. Ensure that the quality of the rollers is high. Some people may watch it in high resolution.
  20. Don't forget about video promotion, use key words and phrases in the description, title, or even in the video itself.

After creating a video clip, you will need to spend a lot of time and energy on its distribution. Try to make it so that the video is everywhere, on popular video hosting sites, on social networks, and possibly on personal blogs.

20 tips for making selling videos

If you want to promote a video, use

. The system offers to pay for views of the video, which will be placed in social groups. networks and sites.

High-quality selling video is not so easy to create , so listen to all these recommendations and set aside enough time. From how good a movie you get, will depend on its effectiveness.

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