20 reasons to buy Clearfy plugin for WordPress

WordPress engine is proposed to use for all beginners. It is easy to use and many training videos are written on it (written articles).

Besides all this, the most extensions are created for this CMS. Only with their help it is possible to significantly expand the functionality of the resource and improve it.

The plugin for WordPress is used even by professionals, as it saves a lot of time. It is intended to improve the resource and its optimization.

Numerous experiments have proven, after its application, positions immediately improve and attendance grows. The only nuance, it is paid.

20 reasons to buy Clearfy plugin for WordPress

20 reasons to buy Clearfy

We constantly tell our readers about useful extensions for engines.

WordPress users can use WP-Note, Instagram Feed, Pay With A Like. The basic versions of CMS are not so wide functional, so you need to search and install different extensions.

About Clearfy reviews are only positive, the plugin helps to solve the problems of beginners and makes life easier for professionals:

20 reasons to buy Clearfy plugin for WordPress

You can try to download free Clearfy on various sites, but remember that This is due to the risks. Who knows what modifications were made in its code on the "left" sources. Therefore it is better to download the Clearfy plugin from.

It is not so expensive, considering the opportunities provided (only 970 rubles):

  • deletion of redundant entries in the site code;
  • elimination page duplicates;
  • removal of unnecessary links from head;
  • automatic setting of Last Modified headers;
  • adding an Alt tag on the machine;
  • hiding external links in comments ;
  • robots optimization. txt;
  • setting a redirect from https to http;
  • removing tags (not used);
  • removing attachment pages (for URL optimization);
  • hides the ability to find the admin login;
  • disabling RSS feeds;
  • deleting the Site field in the comments;
  • deleting unused widgets;
  • removing the off link . site engine in the admin;
  • installed like any other plugin;
  • does not have a serious load on the site;
  • updates are installed free of charge;
  • high-quality user support;
  • A huge number of advanced settings.

Clearfy plug-in developers continue to work on improving it. In the near future, its functionality will be replenished with spam protection in the comments, adding HTML sitemap, hiding links in posts and headings on the main page.

After installing the extension, carefully go through all the settings, there are really a lot of them:

20 reasons to buy Clearfy plugin for WordPress

What exactly to use and what functions to use Clearfy decide for yourself. I recommend that you optimize the code, check the duplicate pages and hide the external links from the comments. There is a Russian language, so you will do all this without any problems:

20 reasons to buy Clearfy plugin for WordPress

Before using such plugins, you need to make a backup of the site, even after cleaning the code, problems may arise. Trying to remove smiles in the comments, the standard form stopped working, I had to roll back.

If you ask freelancers on the exchanges to create something like Clearfy, you will not receive offers that are cheaper than 2000 rubles. Therefore, the plugin is sold at a relatively low price, and after its launch changes are observed with the first update.

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