2 ways to download flash files from the site

At webmasters it often happens that you go to different sites, you see beautiful banners, mini-games or something else that I would like to put on my resource.

It’s just impossible to copy, because Flash is a format, but this problem is easy to solve. All you need is just one simple program.

How to download a flash (flash) file from any site? Anything from a browser can be saved on a computer. On this topic, we have already presented instructions on how to download music and video Vkontakte. Downloading flash files is not harder, and the program we need is called Download Master.

2 ways to download flash files from the site

Flash SWF files, how to download them?

Before the advent of torrents and all kinds of clients, each of us used. This is a simple and free file uploader from the internet.

There is one useful function in it - downloading a file through a link. You can not just specify a link to the page where the file is located, you need to find a link to it.

A special service has been created for this. There is a form on it, you need to insert a link to the page of the site, where the flash banner, game or something else is located. After that, the system issues a direct link:

2 ways to download flash files from the site

Here we get a link to the game in the SWF file, but if you click on it, it simply opens the file in a new tab. Now you need to open the Download Master and add a new download there:

2 ways to download flash files from the site

The button is located in the upper left corner of the program. After clicking it, a window opens where you want to specify the link. Insert the address that you received on the site Save2Go:

2 ways to download flash files from the site

Minimum settings and the button "Start Download". Click on it and immediately download the file. Depending on the speed of the Internet, it takes some time:

2 ways to download flash files from the site

The method is excellent, but it has one drawback. The Save2Go system cannot find files on some sites and only supports SWF files .

What to do in this case? If you come across this, open the site page with the desired flash file and hold down the Ctrl + U keys. The site code opens, press Ctrl + F, to open the search and specify the SWF format there:

2 ways to download flash files from the site

Here's a good example, we found the file we need in swf extension. Now you need to add the address of the site.

The link should look like this: http: // workion. com / _ld / 2 / 292_sonic. swf

Now it can be just as well inserted into the new download via the Download Master. This way to download flash, suitable for any site, but it is not as convenient as the first option.

Banners, interactive games, various forms, calculators, anything you can download from the Internet and use for your own purposes (including, put on your own resource). Just keep in mind that such files take up much more space, compared to regular animation or pictures.

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