2 useful tools - Profit Hunter

Recently, I was given 2 tools for testing that can help save a lot of time.

The first instrument is called the Bomber.

A bomber is a script designed to automatically publish links to your news, posts, website pages, etc. in social bookmarks.

The script uses standard RSS feeds to post news. It is enough to install the script on one server and add the necessary number of tapes to it. Then the script will do everything automatically.

The following sites are currently available: Memori. ru, BobrDobr. ru, Mister-Wong. com, moemesto. ru, 100zakladok. ru, WebMarks. ru, Ruspace. ru, MyElect. ru

Script price $ 78

It works fully automatically and, apart from the initial settings for the feed, it does not require any more efforts from you.

In fact, the Bomber is a tool for passively increasing the reference mass and attracting traffic when used correctly.

Among other things, it has a rather nice unloaded interface.

2 useful tools - Profit Hunter

Order a Bomber.

The second tool is called TrafficWeb.

A very useful software for analyzing the completed seo-work and the general attitude of search engines to the site. What to say? Look only at the declared possibilities:

Authorization in the LiveInternet service. ru
If the statistics is locked with a password, the program will still have access to it, you just need to specify the website address and password.

Parsing the entry point.
The data is collected, which pages of your site were navigated to.

Parsing keywords
When a user transitions from a search engine, a search query is recorded by which he moved to your site. All these requests will be sparseny, and displayed in the table.

Parsing the number of unique transitions
Every time a user goes from a search engine to you to the site, one unique transition will be recorded. Our program spars the number of conversions from any search engine separately, or the total number.

Collection of statistics for a specified period
In the settings, you can specify the period for which the statistics should be parsed. Available for 7, 10, 14, 21, 30 days.

Data collection by region
The program allows you to select a region for which to collect all the data (the function will be useful for companies or organizations operating in a particular region; for example, stores selling goods only in Moscow, etc.)

Limiting the number of key phrases
Sometimes, it is necessary to collect only the most popular key phrases. Since the data in the LiveInternet statistics are sorted in descending order, the most popular queries will be parsed first.

New. Checker positions in Yandex and Google.
Now there is no need to advance the requests that are already in the top1-3. It is also possible to check the position separately in the Russian and Ukrainian issuance.

New. Checker for the number of requests in Yandex Wordstat
For each key phrase, the number of requests is determined in http: // wordstat. yandex. ru /

Ability to use Yandex XML
XML technology from Yandex allows you to make 1,000 requests per day, from a single IP, without any pause between requests.

Timeout between requests
LI has a limit on the number of requests from one IP (no more than 1 thousand requests per 10 minutes), so the ability to specify a pause between requests is added and avoid the ban. Similarly in Wordstat, Yandex and Google, with the only difference that the number of requests before the ban is different. Now there is a separate timeout for each parameter.

Uninterrupted work of the program
When the connection is broken, the work is simply suspended, after the connection to the Internet is restored, the program starts working from the moment it is finished; this is not lost.

Exporting results in a form convenient for you
You can save the received results in a format. csv or. txt with a choice of separator. This option allows you to display the results in an ergonomic form, or easily imported into the database.

TrafficWeb unites in itself a set of opportunities which are simply necessary at advance under a large number of keywords (MF and LF requests).

2 useful tools - Profit Hunter

The only thing that didn’t like it: TrafficWeb is not a server-side script, but a desktop application. I'm used to working through the Internet.

The cost of the TrafficWeb program is only $ 45.

Buy TrafficWeb.

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