2 types of documents needed by freelancers

To work remotely via the Internet, you do not need to have an education certificate, but you must possess certain skills.

In freelancing, it is not the "pieces of paper" that support knowledge, but work skills, that are valued, so it is difficult to prove your professionalism to potential clients.

In carrying out projects from customers, you will definitely need to use 2 types of documents needed by freelancers. Firstly, they will help you work more stably, secondly, you will protect yourself from unscrupulous clients, and thirdly, work with documents will show your professionalism.

2 types of documents needed by freelancers

What documents do a freelancer need?

  1. Terms of Reference. To perform the necessary work on the project, you must have a clear instruction, which the client must compile. Most often, the development of the structure is also shifted "on the shoulders" of remote workers, but this is not correct. If you have to deal with this, then first develop the structure (for which you can increase the price), and then submit it to the client to confirm its correctness.

    In addition to the project structure itself, certain requirements and wishes should be attached to its description. In the technical task they are necessarily described, if they are not there, again, we will have to work independently, specifying each subtlety. In general, experienced freelancers try to avoid all projects that do not have technical specifications.

  2. Service Agreement. At the expense of such a contract, you can clearly establish all the rules of cooperation, and in case of their violation, demand compensation from the customer. It is necessary to draw up a contract on the basis of a technical task, since it is necessary to prescribe in it all types of work that will be carried out.

Here is a rough plan of the contract:

  1. Description of the subject of the contract (between whom and for what).
  2. Setting specific deadlines (the customer is obliged to accept work on time).
  3. All duties of the contractor and the customer are prescribed. For performers, most often set the rules for non-disclosure of information about the order, competent performance of duties and compliance with the deadlines. For the customer may be the following responsibilities - for information support, timely payment and filing additional requirements in advance.
  4. Further specifies the responsibilities of the parties, as well as situations in which the contract may become invalid. For example, a freelancer may refuse to support the rules of the contract if the customer has not fulfilled his duties.
  5. The contract must be supplemented with additional clauses that describe the remaining points of cooperation. At the conclusion of the contract, the date is written and the signature of each party is established.

2 types of documents needed by freelancers

Most often, freelancers have to take responsibility for drafting these documents themselves. Why, because the technical task is compiled by the employer? Unfortunately, only not many people make it up, but in order not to lose a client, the performers compile it on the basis of the information received and after that agree the document with the client.

If you want to achieve a successful career in freelancing, then be sure to use these documents in your work.

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